Beach Bliss!

Lovey and I took Wednesday off to observe Shavuot (ie Pentecost). However, our plans were a little confused and we ended up just heading to the beach after a morning of breakfasting, reading, and resting... I'm happy to say that we still live 30 minutes from the beach (without traffic). YESSS! I'm also happy to say that Lovey and I have the same beach-enjoyment-factor-tolerance (Wow! That was long!) We love the beach... But we don't LOVE it. So after an hour or so, we were ready to head home to prepare our Perisan dinner (Not pictured...Boo!) which consisted of Kebab Koobideh (Ground beefy goodness), Tahdig (Crispy Crusted Rice), and German Potato Pancakes (Totally not Persian..But they were good with our meal nevertheless!) Wow! That was really unhealthy. Should've had some veggies... Oopsie! Anywho.. Here are some pictures...

Yes, that water was freezinggggg! And yes, that is my future home right above. Haha! Jus' keeding!
PS.Do you love the beach, or do you LOVE the beach?

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  1. Awesome pics! I love the beach!!! xxx

  2. never been to the beach. think we've discussed that, but not sure.
    And man your food sounds so interesting. Never heard of anything like it!
    Also I need to know the name of that nail polish ASAP!

  3. Is this Dana Point? I need to go wherever this is! I just need to get my butt to any beach this summer. The one I usually go to is Huntington, but I'm kind of over it, now that it's $15 for parking! Geez!

  4. Geez i'm so jealous of all of you Californians! I LOVE the beach. & I wish I lived in California for realsies. That is my dream place. So many magical places there;) I hope your having a great day! & your meal is making me starving! haha.

  5. Awww pretty pictures! I like the beach, but I don't LOVE it. Sand gets everywhere and you have to lug all your stuff through the sand. But I do enjoy going occasionally.

    I opened my Etsy shop!! check out my most recent blog post :)

  6. Aaargh so jealous! :) I love the ocean and lakes as well for that matter, that's one thing I really miss living in London, no water! I always feel peaceful in the wide open spaces of a beach.. Cute pics!!

  7. So I LOOOOOOOVE the beach. A LOT.

    These pics are so fun and I love that the place you were is called Pirate's Cove. Hudson would say: Pipate? ARRRRRGH.

    Also, loved seeing Lovey's smiling face in these pics...HIIIIII Lovey!

  8. Great pictures! Makes me want to get to the beach stat! It's just now warming up around here! :)


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