Z is for Zoo Animals! (SD Part 2)

Bonjour beautiful ones! Here is the second installment of my trip to one of my fave cities in the world...SAN DIEGO!(Click here for Part 1) I'm kicking off the Zoo Day post with some of my favorite animals...In fact, it's all about the animals today.. (I'll post human pictures tomorrow.) Enjoy the glory!

 Aren't they amazing? Wow! God is good!

PS. I'm terrified of bears...That's why I said they were not nice...In case you were wondering...


  1. Love all of the pictures! Going to the zoo is definitely one of my favorites! Awesome! xxx

  2. OMG We were there on Sunday too! I wonder if we bumped into each other and didn't even know about it! =)

  3. ohh all these animals make me melt!! So educational too;)
    Great post. I'm jealous that you got to visit a legit zoo... we don't have those around where I live! I can live vicariously, I suppose!

  4. I haven't been to the zoo or Sea World in YEARS! Would love to change that this summer. ;)

    I actually didn't know a lot of these facts, so interesting post.

  5. Loooove these pic's! I truly want a koala bear now! I just love their noses!!! Hearts, janna lynn

  6. Some of these facts were new to me..namely peahens! I think they gotta bum deal. Oh..and I totally want a koala now...I loooove their noses! :) Sweet pics! Hearts, Janna lynn

  7. LLAMA FACE!!! I love Emperor's New Groove!
    all the facts were so interesting. Especially the flamingos...that is crazy!

  8. love, love this post! so happy to find and follow your blog:) zoo animals rock, and i never knew so many of these facts. i, too, am scared of bears. there's actually one loose near my hometown, and that paralyzes me with fear! the peahens are so cute!

  9. Super cool & colorful photos! :)

  10. Aww. I want to snuggle that bear a little bit. Nah. No. Not really. Anyway.

    Your pictures just BLEW MY MIND! You professional photographer, you. WOW!

    My favorite little animal on here is probably the koala. I like to sleep, too. ;)

  11. I really love how you put the pictures together!! Great!!! ^^ with the writing and so. Great indeed!!!!!!!!!


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