Yom Hashoah 2011

Today is Yom Hashoah (AKA Holocaust Remembrance Day). Traditionally, 6 yellow tulips are displayed in remembrance of the 6 million (plus) hearts that perished during that time. I'm going to display 7 yellow tulips because  genocide has occurred and is still occurring in places like Darfur, Rwanda, Bosnia, etc. Such senseless horror...
Lets tell our children and teach them to stand for what is right... It's our only hope....

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Never forget,

PS. Last year we had the privilege to meet and hear the story of Holocaust survivor, Bernie Caron. It was sobering to hear of such atrocities firsthand. He's writing a book about his experience, so when it's published I shall relay the title so you can read it. (Our close pal is currently in the process of editing the book.) Seriously? It's an UNBELIEVABLE story!


  1. what a wonderful thought to include a seventh tulip, days like today are needed to remind us of the past, and the things that are still going on even if they are far away.


  2. Thanks for sharing, I had NO idea!! My mother-in-law went to Amsterdam and saw the Anne Frank house over Spring Break and she said it was amazing! They even still have her journal there! I would love to go someday.


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