Vote for Summer!

I'm looking forward to summer this year...(hot, scorching weather...not so much)...Weather woes aside...Summer is simply lovely....Here is one of my fave cold drink concoctions! Try it! You won't regret it! Mmm.. Gonna go make some right now...

Bahh! Forgot my swirly wirly monkey straw (thee best straw ever!)..Oh wells...

Here's to summer!


  1. MMM. That does look yummy! Maybe once i'm off the HCG diet I will remember to make me some:) I can't wait for summer!!! EEP! Here in Utah the weather has been so lame, nice when I am at work and then as soon as I get off for the day or weekend it gets cold and stormy. BOO. Oh well. I hope your weekend is superb!

  2. Yum! And I love your summer thoughts. Everything sounds wonderful!


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