Thrift Store Wish List!

Well, today I'm sharing my "keep it in the back of my head whenever I go 2nd hand shopping" thrifty wish list. I think the item I want most is a vintage globe... (Someday! Someday!) What's on your 2nd-hand Ultimate Find Wish List?

Thrift Store Wish List!Happy hunting!

PS. Hope your weekend is as spectacular as mine promises to be (Lordwilling)! Yups!
PPS. For product sources, simply click collage.


  1. On my list is old suitcases, headboard, you know, all the impossible to find things that look awesomely vintage. haha, The globe in the pic looks so GOOD!

  2. I've never thought of what I would ultimately want from a thrifting find! Except I would really like a vintage schwinn bike with a basket. OR a vintage kit cat clock! YIKES I love those.. I probably spelled it wrong. OH WELL. Have a great weekend :)

  3. lace picnic gloves, lace trimmed pillowcases, list could go on and on! i'll keep an eye out for a globe for you!

  4. ooh - good post idea! Hmm...I'm always on the hunt for good vintage chairs, and of course sweaters and dresses. The real treasure would be a vintage credenza....if only...

  5. Love your wishlist!!
    Enjoy your weekend! Can't wait to hear all about it!
    Hugs xxx

  6. i love this! i have a never-ending list of this sort.

    happy weekend!

  7. So glad you said hi on my blog!

    I've always wanted those fantastic vintage suitcases. Love this collage!

  8. happy weekend my love! good list, i would so want to stumble on a globe like the one you've featured. it'd look amazing atop our bookshelf. the hunt is on! ♥

    pea ess: the "gift" comment made a lot of sense to me, been there and it sux. reciprocation is the way, it's love filled and feels so good too. you rock! xo

  9. Lord Willing and the creek don't rise. I've been trying to use that statement in my everyday life more often. I like it.

    Anyway. I think I've already told you this, but I really want some vintage luggage. Turquoise, preferably.

  10. Friday! YAY! Hope you are having a great weekend. Love seeing these vitage finds. The flower dress is suuper cute.
    Also, I added you to my newly developed blogroll! I have loved coming here and reading what you have to post, and I hope others can link up this way and love on it too:)

  11. I want to steal all this I love it. So cute I think you are the queen of thrifting vision.

  12. Things I always keep my eye out for are a typewritter, and cool vintage suitcase, and purses :)


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