Photo Femme Force with Lisa Edoff

This feature is definitely my favorite one in Jongleurville thus far! (I told you it was thee best idea I've had all year!) Usually when I come across someone with some obvious photo skills my first instinct is to pick their brain and poke around their camera bag (in a perfect world)...Now I can interrogate them all in one place! Isn't that grand?! I think so! My next prettypie and amazing shooter is Lisa Edoff of A Piece of Lisa. 

You are one multi-talented, bonnie lass, Lisa! And the photos capturing your life adventures are beautiful…What kind of camera & lens(es) do you use?
Thank you very much! I use a Sony A200 camera, and I've got three different lenses. The first lens is the standard one that came with the camera body, I pretty much never use that one. Then I have a wide-angle lens 28mm F2.8, and a portrait lens DT50mm, F1.8. I love both of those lenses, they are amazing and affordable as well. I can really recommend the Sony camera body as well. I thought about which camera to get for ages, then I went with Sony because it had the same features but was a little bit cheaper than Canon and NIkon, and I've been really happy with it!
Are you a veteran photographer or a naturally talented novice? How long have you been shooting?
I would call myself a novice since I have only really photographed "seriously" for about a year, I've still got a lot to learn! I did a short course in photography at uni, but didn't get hooked until I started my blog :)
 What are the top three items on your photo wish list?
I have my eye on a (very expensive) lens called Sony Alpha 20mm  F2.8 that is supposed to be amazing. That one will have to wait a while though! Another thing I've been looking for is a funky camera strap with a cool pattern, does anyone know where you can find some online? The third thing has to be one of those beautiful handbags with built-in dslr compartment, much better than lugging around two bags!
Do you have any favorite and inspiring photographers you’d like to share with us?
Ooh, yes! You have to check out Tim Walker and Rodney Smith, they are my favourites, especially Tim Walker is so amazing!
What photo editing software do you use, if any? And what are your go-to actions?
I use Photoshop CS5. If you mean the kinds of actions you can download, I never use them. But what I always do to my photos is: adjust the levels, crop (if needed) and sometimes I do "auto tone" or sharpen the photo by creating a new layer, setting the mode to soft light and then apply a filter called high pass (it's under filters/other).
It’s a beautiful day…you have a full battery, a spring in your step, and 2 hours to spare to snap some photographs…Where do you go?
Good question! There are so many places in London! I might go to a beautiful cemetery near where I live, that could make for some interesting photos! Or to a street market, I love the dynamic feel you can get from photographing them.
And now for the proverbial question of the 21st century…. Canon or Nikon? Do you have a preference?
Since I'm a Sony girl I'm gonna say neither! :) But if I had to choose I would definitely go for Canon, I don't really know why, maybe because I've always had compacts from them so I feel safe with the brand :)
Thank you so much for participating Ms. Lisa!
Can't get enough of Lisa? Check out her personal blog, Flickr, and design portfolio. She's greatmazing!

{All images borrowed courtesy of Lisa Edoff }


  1. She might call herself a novice but the pictures are amazing. I think it takes a lot of talent to take photographs that transport the viewer to that place!


  2. Yay thank you so much Janette! This feature looks so good, I love the way you have designed it!

    xo Lisa

  3. Wonderful feature (you are a great interviewer Janette!) and great photos Ms. Lisa!

  4. A big hug and thank you to YOU Lisa for participating in this blogventure!!! You are talented! And I cant really decide which pic is my fave... sooo good!!!

  5. theeeee best, i agree J. it's a wonderful feature and i'm looking forward to many more insertions here and there. a happy sprinkle of the day! Lisa is SO talented, her photography, graphics and illustrations blow my mind repeatedly.

    the boyf and i are thrilled to see another Sony cam lover, we believe in their product 100%. Sony perfected the CCD chip (that was originally created by Kodak) that essentially converts light into data and up until a few years ago was the sole manufacturer for every digital camera on the market. so you can see we have passion for the thing right?!

    photo wish list is killer, that lens you have your eye on is high end heaven! gorgeous for portrait pics. yah Lisa, i've loved getting to know the girl behind the lens more, you are adored! ♥


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