Photo Femme Force with Amy Lou!

Bonjour Beautypies! Hope you all had a fantastic weekend of sorts! Especially all you mamacitas! Anywho...Back to business as yooj...Today I have another Photo Femme Force to introduce...the awesomecakes Amy Lou. (I "met" Amy almost as soon as I started blogging and she is the sugariest woman you'll ever encounter in Blogger County!)

Thanks again for participating in this Jongleur venture, Ms. Who! Now lets start off with the basics… Are we besties or not? I just MUST know! Ok. Ok. That wasn’t the question…Lets start for real now!
Well maybe I wasn't supposed to answer, but yes of course we are! I wish we lived in the same town....GEEZ!

What kind of camera and lens(es) do you have?
Ok... so I'm not the best at knowing all the terminology. That is my husband's area of expertise, but I'm trying to learn, so bear with me. We have the Nikon D40, and I will be completely honest with all of you. We bought it from a Pawn shop. Ordinarily we would never do anything like this, but we could tell that it had obviously been owned by a photographer who just needed to upgrade his camera or had gotten out of the business. It was is wonderful condition and had all the extras!
The camera came with two lenses: a Nikon AF-S DX 18-55mm and a Nikon AF-S DX 55-200mm. I rarely use the first lens. It has a small defect and we are hoping to replace it eventually, but it isn't to bad for a close up as long as you have enough natural lighting available. For pretty much all my photos so far, I have used the second lens. It is amazing! We were truly blessed with the condition of this camera!

What photo editing programs do you use (if any) and what are your go-to actions?
I use Picnik's free online service. I just don't have money to fork over for Photoshop! I'm sure that several other bloggers out there can relate to my problem. I find that if I get the settings right on my camera, I will need little if any editing at all, but for the little things, Picnik works great for me!

I know that you would consider yourself a novice photographer, but I consider you one talented bonnie lass. Have you ever taken a photography class?
No! I haven't! Unless you count that one time at art camp....where I had like a one hour long class and I was like eleven years old. Seriously...that is it. LOL!
Really I've just always enjoyed photography. People have said that I just have a creative eye. To me that is the only explanation. Growing up I didn't have extra money to take different classes. It just wasn't feasible. I think I get a lot of my creativeness from my mother, Steven taught me the basics of how to use the camera, and the rest is pure blessing from God.

You just won a bazillion dollars. After donating millions to your favorite charities and your favorite Jongleur (ahem) you decide it’s time to make your photo wish list a happy reality…What are the first 3 things you’d purchase? (And I’m kidding about giving me money. Real friends don’t pressure friends to give them millions.)
Definitely a new camera period! I think that this one has been a wonderful camera to learn on, but I would love to upgrade and get some amazing lenses and a fancy schmancy camera bag.

You have some greatmazing images of a recent trip to the Dallas Arboretum on your blog, would you ever consider photographing professionally?
I actually am considering it! I have a ton to learn, but I already have several friends who have lined up times with me for some portrait sessions. I am really looking forward to doing this after I heal up from my recent injury. I cant wait to get the extra practice and try some new things!

You have a free afternoon and a new lens, where do you want to go test it out (locally speaking)?
Downtown! This may sound bad, but our Downtown area is definitely worn out. It makes me sad because I've seen so many small cities who take better care of their downtown areas much better than we do. That being said ....there is so much picture potential! I love anything old and worn and finding the beauty in it. It is definitely the favorite spot for all the photographers in our area.

Do you have any fave photographers you’d like to direct us to?
Amy - Amyschmamey, Cat - No Wooden Spoons, Jhen - From Here to Eternity, and Arielle - A Beautiful Journey. These ladies are fellow bloggers and I always enjoy their photos. They both have a brilliant eye for photography! Please, please, please go check them out!

And to end this stellarkellar interview, I must ask perhaps the most googled question of the 21st century… Canon or Nikon?
I have no idea how to answer this! I'm such a newbie. I've only been shooting for about four or five months so I have no bias towards any brand. Right now, I use Nikon and it's great, but I've heard wonderful things about Canon and that they are more affordable. So to answer your question I'm just going to say "thrifted"! Haha! Buying a thrifted camera definitely worked out in our favor, BUT I will say to everyone, if you find a camera at a pawn shop, please take someone with you who knows about DSLRs and have them heavily inspect it before you ever purchase it. Insist on taking it out and turning it on. Mess with the settings. Take several test photos. Inspect the equipment to see if it was treated with tender-loving-care. I would not suggest going this route, unless you are absolutely sure that it will be a great camera for you!

Well, there you have it folks... The wonderful Amy!! Yay! Applause! Insert standing ovation!!!! Woo hoo! Hope you enjoyed and loved her work... Cause I do! For more of Amy check out her blogaroo and or Twitter.

PS. Please keep Amy and her booboo in your prayers! This has been a super painful experience for her...Thanks friends!

All images borrowed courtesy of Amy Lou.


  1. Wonderful post! I love Amy Lou and her photos are amazing!!! xxx

  2. Question! Are you guys seeing the questions in BOLD??? I can't see them from my phone..but I can in Blogger.. Confused!
    @Chrissy! TOTALLY LOVE TOO! Thanks for commenting!

  3. It looks wonderful Janette! And yes I see questions in bold. Thanks so much for letting me guest post!

  4. Amy is a spectacular photographer. It has been so neat to watch her blossom so quickly. I adore her photographs!!! I also love her dearly for giving me a shout out! It really makes my day. :)

  5. I love all of Amy's Photos!! She is a very sweet bloggy pal of mine too! Woohoo. This series is fantastic Janette! i hope you had a good weekend<3

  6. fun post! lovely photos. thanks for sharing :)

  7. her pictures are great I love her use of natural light and that fact that she got her camera at a pawn shop crazy

  8. awe, she's such a doll! i love this feature and it's so cool when you get to know someone through another space and their lens. new perspective and all, many grats you two, nice one. ♥

  9. Aww how awesome is Amy! I loved reading all her answers! She's a quick learner and yes she does have such a knack for photography! She's a natural. Thanks for the shout out Amy!


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