Photo Femme Force w/ Blythe Hill [Revised]

Happy salutations friends! I'm in such a chipper mood this Tuesday morning and I'll tell you why... I'm starting a fantastic feature in Jongleurland that shall showcase (and interview) photographically adept femme forces in Bloggerland. Get ready for some photo-like disclosures and exposures with some super talented ladies! Our first batter up is the beautiful and stylin', Blythe Hill.


First things first... What kind of camera & lens(es) do you use?
I currently use a Canon 30D with a 28mm or 50mm lens. I'm planning to upgrade to a Canon 5D soon! I've been hoping to do so for awhile, so I'm really excited!
Are you a seasoned photographer or a naturally talented novice? How long have you been shooting?
I started shooting in high school, when I took a year-long wet processing class. It was one of the best decisions I ever made- it's been really valuable to understand film photography and wet processing when I'm shooting and editing digitally. I've been second-shooting weddings for a few photographers for about 5 years now, and I do a bit of photography for work (The OC Gazette), so I guess you could call me "seasoned!" :)
 Your outfit posts are premium & glorious! Do you use a tripod? Or does someone assist you in your élan–capturing escapades?
Thanks! I'm super lucky- my good friend Amy is one of my co-workers, and she and I take each others' outfit pics almost every day. I'll usually get all the settings ready on my cam, shoot her, and then she'll shoot me. We have a lot of fun with it. 
What photo editing software do you use, if any? And what (if any) are your favorite, tried & true, actions?
I use Photoshop. I usually lighten up the pics a smidge using Curves (control M) and then open up Levels (control L) and bring the range a little. I'll crop and resize, and they're good to post! 
What's a photographer's worst nightmare, in your opinion? 
I do portrait shoots fairly often, and one time I forgot to charge my battery- it died after 14 pictures! We're talking completely dead. To make things worse, it was a family that only got together once every few years, and this was literally the one day. They were pretty nice about it, but I was mortified. Needless to say, I charge my batteries the day before every shoot now!  
Number one item on your photo wish list (if money was no object)?
If I could swing it, I'd go for the Canon Mark II and some fancy new lenses (a 35mm, a 24mm, a 70-200.....) That, and an endless supply of Polaroid film. I miss taking Polaroids! 

And finally, to add to the never-ending, ever-persistent debate, Canon or Nikon? 
I used a Nikon for a couple years and loved it, but when I moved into the Canon world, I never looked back! I love Canon so much- but really, they're both great companies that make great cameras.

Isn't she great? Thanks Blythe for being my first Photo Femme Force interviewee! You did smashing!

To check out more of Blythe's photography click here and here.
And you must MUST must check out this shoot she did. It's possibly one of thee most creative concepts I've seen in a long time. Amazingggg!

{All images borrowed courtesy of Blythe Hill}

PS. All apologies to Ms. Hill for my mistake! 


  1. that is my worse nightmare that I will be taking family pictures that is why I always have a backup camera on hand.

  2. Wow! Amazing photos! And I checked out those other shoots too. So creative!

    Janette I will try to get you mine soon dear. So sorry!

  3. Lovely! I would HATE to run out of battery doing a shoot! I hate when I am out in nature taking photos and my battery dies. Before I go to singapore I am going to buy a few batteries so that If it dies while we are out I can just re-load and keep shooting:) I hope you have a great day janette!

  4. How talented she is! What beautiful photos!!!

  5. I love this new series- it is so great to see how others create their beautiful pictures! =)

  6. nice one girls! i love the title for this series, it's so super hero-ish and rockin'. plus, gimme a bit o' Blythe any day and i'm a happy nugget. terrific q & a's, it's always cool to hear about the beginnings of someones passion and then the pitfalls - dead battery = FREAK OUT! yipes Blythe, what a tragedy is right.

    i saw the calendar shoot and collages, it's what 1st caught my heart in a net forever for this amazing lady! cheers to you both. ♥


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