Oh boy.

Dear Friends.... I may be a little late....a couple of decades late....But oh well....
Recently Lovey and I started watching the Star Wars movies (Just got done with Episode 2)...And I never thought this day would come...But I might as well embrace it now...It's true. I love Star Wars! Ahhhhh.....

I wish I could show you the picture I photoshopped of Lovey as a Jedi apprentice... Braid, light saber and all... Looks AMAZZZZING! But he said he didn't want it online...Boo! So...anyway...that's all I wanted to share today....

Happy Thursday!

PS. The makeup is photoshopped, btw. HONEST!


  1. So I'm a total nerd and I love these movies. Star Wars, Lord of the Rings...love 'em! At least my husband is glad about it!

  2. Haha. You crack me up! & I still haven't watched them:S I need to get on that! I hope your having a great day Princess Leya.. I mean Janette.

  3. YAY! I love Star Wars! They are way better than any other nerdy series!

  4. Ahh I watched the star wars movies when I was younger, but never really go into them. I hear its a good series though!!!

  5. Are you queen amidala? Love it! Love Star Wars!!! It's a total must-see series! :)

  6. Hi!
    I passed on a double blog award to you! You can view it here: http://deerlittlefawn.blogspot.com/2011/05/blog-awards.html
    Enjoy! and have a beautiful day! :)

    I love Star Wars!!! I'm gonna have a marathon this summer. With the originals... not the newer ones; I'm not as big of a fan of those.

    I love the new layout, too!!

  8. WHEEEEE! You've joined all the awesome folks, now, my friend! I HEART STAR WARS.

    Now, to get hubby on board. Will has never seen any Star Wars. It's a sad thought.

  9. HUZZAHHHHHHHHHH! a convert, i knew you were awesome but this takes the galaxy cake and then hurls it into space at rapid speeds!!!!! fab photo edit and enhancements.

    grrrr, Lovey...full disclosure pleasey pie? awe Janette, Sean does the same thing. he gets veto rights to everything i post with him in it. makes me scowl sometimes too. boys do have egos, baha! xo ♥

  10. Haha aww I grew up watching Star Wars. Love it. :)

  11. Hahahaha yes!!! I loveee Star Wars!!!

  12. hahahaha I love you, this cracks me up. My son calls it Star Whorres (he's 4)

  13. I'm so behind in my blog reading! :) Ha ha, I didn't watch stars wars until recently as well and I loved them too! So fun, not like the super comlpicated sci-fi movies now :D


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