A look back!

Here's some stuff I did in Jongleurville this past month.... Perhaps you missed some of it...perhaps you didn't...Perhaps you'll enjoy it a second time....or for the first....
 (In no particular order)

1. I guest posted...
2. I vlogged (again).
3. I went to San Diego!
4. I started one of my favorite features, Photo Femme Force!
5. I created the mother of all dream outfits..
6.And I posted about 2-wheeled whimsies and dreaminess..

Here's hoping June brings equal blogaroo felicity!


  1. Can you believe May is already over?? June is just around the corner....wow, time is flying by so fast, it's hard to keep up!! Happy Monday girl xxx

  2. Love your blog! I love the idea of "looking" back at what you have done :) Very cool.

  3. i'm happy to say i didn't miss any of the Jongleur moments and sure hope i never will! much love sweetheart - thinking about you and hoping this long weekend (you lucky USA livin' lady!) is good to you and lovey. xo ♥

  4. May was a super awesome month for the Jongleur....and this post reminds me of my photo femme force that I never got to you! UGH! BAD ME!!!

    Will you still <3 me if I send it soon??

    Hope you had a super happy Memorial Day, friend! xo!

  5. I didn't miss any of it...I love your blog and find you to be one of the sweetest blog buddies ever! So glad to find you in the blogiverse! Hearts to My Sweet Friend, Janna Lynn


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