Kreativ Blogger Award

Feliz Friday, Friends!
I was tagged by Prettypie, Liz Lemon.( I love her! She has the perfect balance of introspection, feeling, and humor... A rarity! Check out her blogaroo!) Anywho. She tagged me with the "Kreative Blogger" award like 10 years ago... Why do I take foreversss with these tags? Sorry..... So now I get to share 10 random facts about me... Cause...well....that's what Kreativ bloggers do I guess.. So I'm off...
1. Golf carts make me absolutely giddy.

2. I secretly take a whiff of Vick’sVapor rub every now and then cause it’s amazinggg.

3. I don’t eat piggies.

4. I don’t celebrate a lot of mainstream holidays. (I’m not a J.W.)

5. Ssh! My blog is a secret from about 95% of my offline family & friends.

6. Absolutely hate dropping food bits when I’m cooking.

7. I also despise accidentally creased book pages. (Purposeful creasing is okay.)

8. I go on cleaning sprees when I’m angry or exhausted...Depends on the time I guess..

9. If I eat pizza, I must have chocolate or a chocolate chip cookie.

10. I’ve flown a plane before...(legally & supervised)And lived to tell the tale!

Okay.. There you have it.. Now to tag some peeps..I'm going with 5! Here I gooooo...

Heidi of Grin & Bear It
Cassie of Love All Things Vintage & Craft
Jotapao of Technology is Magic
Amy of Amylouwho
Breeanna of A Brilliant Melody


PS. Here is the official award badge... I'm with Liz.....The spelling bothers me a smidgen! But I'm honored nevertheless!

PPS. Lovey doesn't like that picture of me.. He says it looks like I'm popping a zit... Ha! I may have to agree with him....

PPPS. Thanks Liz!


  1. you most def are a "kreativ" blogger - award very well deserved. And your vick'svapor rub secret isn't a secret anymore! :) Have a great weekend!

  2. oh my gaaaa, i will never look at that pic the same way again ; ) Lovey is such a funny dude.

    congrats on the award my darling, most deserved, you are a "kreativ" liver of life and times. the things you share make me ever so happy, and the vaporub sniffs i can relate to. i've kept a little sniffy stick from Walgreens that i inhale almost daily, completely refreshing. happy weekend and hope no cleaning sprees will be involved. relaxation and blessings, comment craze has now ended. baha! ♥

  3. That is so funny because I do that too when I eat pizza! I need a treat right after, never fails! Thought I was the only one :-)

    Happy Friday Dear! xo

  4. chocolate and pizza weird. haha. Girl you make me laugh love this.

  5. What you flew a plan?? Flying is one of my BIGGEST fears. haha. I have always wanted to drive a golf cart but alas have never actually been in one! I love reading these things. I suck at actually doing these, but I will try!!! I have been SO bad at blogging lately! I need some inspiration! I hope you have a great weekend my wonderful friend!

  6. that's very interesting that most of your family and friends don't know about your blog. that's a real commitment to writing and to the blogging community because you're not relying on your loved ones to read what you write!

  7. thanks for tagging me! pretty sure Liz tagged me too. I really need to do this!

    I'm the same way with family and friends. Some read it and sometimes I'm embarrased when they do. Don't know why!
    I giggled at your "creased pages". I'm the same way!
    How cool that you've flown a plane. Were you nervous?


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