Just Wondering....

Where do you guys blog? I was just curious? Does anyone actually sit at a desk? Here's my blog space when Lovey isn't hogging the laptop...


  1. I do all my computer stuff in bed. My desk is too messy... I should probably do something about that.

    Btw thanks for the comment you just left me! It is a relief to be done. :D

  2. I actually sit at a desk. I have an office for all my bloggy/scrapbooky/vintage selling stuff. It's kind of nice because it's the only place in the house that's just for me. ;)

  3. I blog sitting on the couch. That's also where I do my homework :)

  4. omg, tri-pod hand....never thought of that before! brill idea J, you always got the juice goin' on, thanks for the tippy tips. i'm a old bloggin' biddy you gotta remember so it's a desk and comfy chair for me at all times. still can't get used to blogging from anywhere other than my home office. it's tried and true! ♥

  5. cute! I usually do the couch or my craft room!


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