Feather Hair Extensions

So what do you guys think about this trend? Yea? Nay?
I personally love it...but doubt I'd be able to pull it off...
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  1. i like it, but since most of my friends have one, this is one trend I will not be participating in. I don't want to walk around everywhere with them and all of us have feathers in our hair!. i think you could definitely pull it off

  2. I say a big YAY. I love this. I would probably be the only girl in Alabama with feathers in her hair....but I would totally do it. :)

  3. It looks cute in person, too! One of my students had feather extensions for a little while.

    I'm sure it would look cute on you. <3

  4. I love it! I am getting some for a friends wedding! I hear they last about 6 weeks too.

  5. TOTALLY love it. and i'm so sure you'll pull it off! esp. with the dark hair.. and we wanna see pics when you do:)

  6. It depends on how they are done. I like them best in long messy beach wavy hair! I love them in a cluster. I don't like the thin ones placed like highlights almost:) I really wish I could pull it off, or find someone who does them well! I hope you are having a great day sweet friend!

  7. I love it, I actually got some from a reader and I cant wait to try them on. hope I can pull it off.

    Write it in Lipstick

  8. totally agree with your pictures- yea on the big funky feathers, nay on the skinny "curl-able" ones. i have a few friends who are hair stylists who tell me that all the women getting feather extensions now are either under 15 or over 50. That certainly makes it seem like a tween/mid-life crisis trend, doesn't it?

    although, i've seen a few 20-something women pull it off really well, so who knows. not for me.

    ...but steven tyler makes me want one big bulky one tied with a leather cord on one side! ;)

  9. i think they're cute... but i don't think i could pull it off... lol

    ps: i'm hosting a giveaway... hope you'll join in!

  10. LOVE IT! and was just out the other day with a gf who had them weaved into her locks. she had Rooster feathers and i didn't know you can wash them, curl them and everything, so rad! she only had 3 though, i think maybz these ones are a bit overkill, in small amounts i'd totally do the do! ♥


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