Disney Doozy!

I grew up in Disneyland's money-making shadow for the majority of my jongleur life.... When I was a wee lass we moved into a house a couple of blocks from the world's happiest tourist trap. Oftentimes I'd watch the fireworks show from my front yard, backyard, and rooftop...Jealous?!!!
The blasts dutifully set off car alarms, the neighborhood dogs, and would rattle my bedroom windows every summer's night at 9:30. And yet, I never really minded. When I was a teenager, it was the "cool" thing to get an annual pass and go to Disneyland every day...(Huh So-Cal-ers?) So, my pals and I would go and walk around aimlessly looking for opportunities to test drive our flirting skills(unsuccessfully, I might add.). Boys schmoys! I was happiest buying a smoked turkey leg from Frontier Land when I got my weekly allowance! (Yum right??) Anywho!! Flash forward!!!! Here are some pics from my recent trip to Disneyland with some of my best pals...

Good times, good times...

PS.Smoked turkey leg was still the highlight...
PPS. FYI..Disneyland is not the happiest place on earth..lol


  1. awwwww Disney! I don't know if I could handle living next door, but going to visit every now and then is OK by me!!!

  2. I was always SO jealous of people who had year passes and lived in Cali! haha. Seriously though, it still is my happiest place on earth.. Besides the fact that it is exhausting to walk around and wait in lines all day! But if you hit it on the right day it can be quite great! haha.

  3. I always wondered how the people who lived by dealt with the fireworks. I definitely would find it annoying! I miss my pass sometimes, and then sometimes I don't haha :)

  4. I fully love Disneyland. I too used to be an annual pass holder and I still love going with my hubby.

  5. cute! And yes I am jealous! I want to go there so bad!

  6. Fun fun! I've only gone twice in my life: once in second grade, and then three summers ago.

  7. Looks like fun! I'm trying to plan a trip later this month. I've been several times being a So Cal girl of course! I love the atmosphere there, it brings out the kid in me :)

  8. Well, from the looks of the pics, I see some happy times and smiles. So that makes me glad.

    I also spy one handsome Indian man. I'm liking him. But, where is Mickey???

    Want to know a few fun Disney facts about MOI?
    -I have been to Disney WORLD 7 times...it was my favorite vacation as a child. It's about 634 miles from my house. I probably would have been in Heaven if I lived as close to DW as you did to Disneyland. Wheeee!
    -I cried on the Snow White ride. In the 8th grade. That witch is scary, yo.
    -The Jungle Cruise also scares me.
    -My favorite ride was ALWAYS Mr. Toad's Wild Ride. Then they demolished it about 5 years ago. Does Disneyland have that ride?

  9. holy cow cakes?! you really lived a couple blocks from D-Land??! wowzers. total green jiggly jellos over the fireworks sightings. even with all the havoc they caused in the hood, i'd still be uber excited to be living that close.

    friendlies trip back there looked like such fun. now my travel bug itch needs a scratch and i wanna turkey leg too! ♥

    pea ess: laser beam haircuts are the latest trend - fo sho! baha ; )


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