Cool/Not Cool/Undecided

Haven't done one of these in a while....Weee! Away we go!

Being in the desert...
Desert skies... Sigh!
Hanging out with Val!
60s decor!
Hotel Rooms!
Everything is cooler in San Diego!
Looking back on my green toes...I'm not sure I would do it again...
These birds are beautiful..however...unsure if  they should live a caged existence...Hmm.
Nightmare inducing vintage dolls....Yipes!
Swallowing a fly right after taking this picture...Blech!

Well friends...There you have it....I swallowed a fly and lived to tell the tale...Moral of the story: When you're climbing a hill, keep your mouth shut. :-)

Until next time....

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  1. hahahaha, well as long as you didnt swallow a spider to catch it. Then that would have started a whole slue of messes. JJ I miss you. why haven't we chatted in awhile. Is is because I'm Mexican? I knew it.

  2. P.S.

    love all these photo's and the green toes

  3. I want to go to Disneyland! I love the pictures.

  4. Love the green toes as well! And I have swallowed a fly a few days ago, too, blech...yuck...disguting feeling! haha
    Love the pictures and now I wanna go to Disneyland! xxx

  5. Ha! Great photos. I like the green toes. I do not like the caged bird. I do not like that you swallowed a fly. I do not like creepy dolls.

    Great post! Way to bring back the feature with a bang! :)

  6. haha! Love this post! Vintage dolls creep me out too!! ah so scary.

  7. Looks like a super fab time in San Diego! I like this feature, but not the creepy dolls... *shudder*

  8. I love creepy dolls...I actually collect them! Creepiest so far Little Miss No Name. I'll have to do a post on it! Ha ha! Hearts, janna lynn

  9. Well, there are worse insects that could be swallowed, so yay? Hahaha.

    Yes, everything is much cooler in San Diego. I am so searching for a teaching job there, but no luck so far. *sigh*

  10. Must come visit disneyland so that I can see you!
    I MUST!

  11. you know what the best thing about these lists are?? That the cool is the biggest, and the not cool is the smallest. You must have a good outlook on life, girlie:)
    And dude, i'm into the green toes. It's like camouflage in the grass:P hehe.


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