Bubble Memories

Welcome back to reality friends! Hope you enjoyed your three day weekend as much as I... Here is a little snippet of what I was up to...


  1. Bubbles are seriously the best, no matter how old. I work with middle school/high school kids and sometimes we go out and do "bubble therapy" They love it!

  2. This is beautiful! So precious--how did you put this together?

  3. Just beautiful!
    I think I could still play with bubbles forever though.
    I bet she won't loose her love for it very quickly!
    Such a great way to keep a memory!!

  4. awh so cute! You have some creative genes in there :) I might just copy this idea. and by might just I mean I will

  5. SO SO SWEET. That made me tear up a bit. :) (told you I was a crier.)

    p.s. GUESS WHAT! I'm doing my first giveaway. EEP!

  6. Beautiful! Love the way you did this post. <3

  7. This post is incredibly beautiful and thoughtful. I love it. Hearts, janna lynn

  8. OKAY. So I have been trying to comment on this here blog for DAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYS days I tell you.. But NOOOOO. Blogger wouldn't let me.. I promise I read your posts.. I even typed out whole comments.. Only for it to say I was not signed in to google.. Yada yadi yada.. Oh well. But this is such a cute post! I hope your memorial day weekend was great! I've missed you friend<3

  9. Aww, I love playing with children, their innocence makes ma smile so much. That's a lovely collage you made, I'm sure your niece will read your blog when she's older and feel really blessed she has such a loving aunt!

  10. Amazing letter and beautiful graphic design to convey it! I'm sure you will always be involved in a special way in your Neice's life:) If not bubbles, then boy advice.
    Thanks for your wonderful comments lately, make me smile every time!!
    Much bloglove,

  11. Janette, you've outdone yourself with this beautiful tribute to your niecey!!! i sure hope you gave a copy of this to her momma, if that was my daughter i'd be finding a frame to hang this somewhere special. you're such a soul flower of a girl. xo ♥


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