Blogger Woes & The Lost Post

So, all you guys had troubles with Blogger, I'm sure. Here is the lost and forgotten post...Who knows where the original is floatin' around!!! In outerinternet space most likely... Here's what I had originally posted on Thursday...
I have 320 pictures on my phone. Someone top me please so I don't feel so awkward!

PS. Had the mother of all guest posts lined up today, too.. Oh wells. Sort of Feliz Friday to you friends!


  1. super sads about the whole ordeal Janette, what a messup that i'm sure the whole blogger pack is sighing heavily over. head klonks and all. but love the re-postage. your editing skills and super shadows rock. nice stuff, i can tell your loving the creative process. wish we could work side by side and share graphic goodness.

    love those pics and pretend short hair!!! and um, the photo count is probz that high too, Sean shuns me when he has to reformat my cam. thing is i just can't bare to delete anything, even when i have it saved elsewhere, strange hey? xo ♥

  2. Dang it! I'm still missing a post. I guess I will have to repost mine too!

    cute pics! And yes I can top you...I'm ashamed.
    I have over 1700 photos on my phone. I actually had to back them up recently because I was afraid I would loose them, but I just left them all on there. So yep...that is how many. =/

  3. My friend has around 1000 photos on her iphone! I don't know how she did that! Great editing skills !! :)


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