A Bicycle Bouquet

Been inspired lately by a few premium prettypies. (Exhibit A: Terribly jealous of Ashley's (Hudson's Happenings) Mother's Day gift... )I've been wanting a  bicycle for a few years now, but never had any place to store it...Until now... I'm hoping Lovey sees this post and buys me one for my birthday and or anniversary...Maybe he could get me a few in my favorite colors??? No??? I think that would be supreme and superb!! Until then...I can just dream a little and have a sigh fiesta over these images...

Hee! that rhymed,

Bicycle Image Sources: 1, 2, 3, 4
And via  Lizzy,  Cherryblossom, and Dreamsaremyreality on weheartit


  1. OOOOOH! This post makes me HAP HAP HAPPY! I am loving my new bicycle (thanks for the shout out!!)

    Now I want to ride it in a dress. :)

    p.s. just wanted you to know I'm almost finished with my photog survey!!

  2. I got a bike to for Mother's day. well it was an early mother's day present and I love love it.

  3. I am SO envious of that bike too!! I want one just like that, with a big basket for my pups<3 Maybe our husbands will get a hint haha.

  4. How exciting...I wish I had a crystal ball and the power to tell fortunes for if I did, I would read yours and it would say..."you have a bike in your future".

    You totally need to get one...not only are they a super cute accessory (just look at the pictures in your post :)) they are also super practical, good exercise and extremely fuel efficient!

    xx Cat brideblu

  5. So so pretty! I love vintage bicycle satchels too!


  6. I've been wanting a bike! But more for exercise, not transportation. Can't really ride a bike anywhere around here.

  7. lovely, your photo editing skillz are amassing into the sky highs of supremity! mayhaps not a real word but we like those made up loves now don't we?! pretty bikes, one and all. i'm dying to get Tresienne (she's my darling cruiser) out for a sea wall ride soon. our weather has made a nasty and practically drenched all the days we had last week. boo! sunshine awaits and then it's bikin' time for sure. awesome post! ♥

    pea ess: you rock my retinas too lades! xo

  8. love this post! such great photography and writing.

  9. Oh, I always wanted a vintage Bicycle with a straw basket to ride along the river to the farmer's market with. It feels so french and lovely!


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