Another Lost Post: "Lovey=Un-Lovey"

Lovey is not a lovey right now. He's Un-Lovey. Grr. Yup. We've had a fight. (WHAAAA? Not the perfect couple?? Not thee perfect marriage? People are often surprised we fight. Seriously.) But it's okay. This fight was Chihuahua-sized...Just a hiccough in our otherwise magical marriage…. What was the tiff about you ask? Well…I was complaining about house work and cooking and the repetitiveness of it all...(Can't a girl PMS in peace??) and that led to him threatening to cook his own meals (wait for it…) FOREVER! “I don’t know how I’ll do it, but you’ll never have to cook for me again. Ever!” (Ha! Biggest lie ever.) Anywho. I'm sure this will be all better by bedtime…But meantime I wanted to know about your fight style...

I tend to be a retreater. I shut off. Stop talking and go in the other room or out the door. (This was hard to do when we had a studio...) Why? Well, I learned quite quickly that Lovey can argue like none else... and talk his way into and out of anything... "He could sell a muzzle to a dog." (Read that recently and thought of Lovey…Err…I mean UnLovey) So, I see no point in arguing with him…I always lose because I have a bad memory and the words spew faster from my fingers than my mouth (ie I express myself better in writing than speaking). Grr.


What kind of fighter are you?

PS. Since I wrote this Lovey is a lovey again. Wee!


  1. yo quiero Taco Bell?! a fight that size is at least deal-able - boys (including MINE) seem to take our vents personally. and i thought girls were the sensitive ones. i make mention of the garbage overloading or the shower containing much mung and Sean turns it into a personal attack sometimes. i've learned to re-word stuff and say something like "will you look at that bunch of garbage, how do WE accumulate this much in one day?" then the Kasa turns into a fix it machine and inevitably offers to "fix" it. taking it out most times right away. magic i tell ya. re-word the shiz and then the results will pour in lades.

    that pic of you is way too cute to stay angry at, have i told you today how much i love you!!!!? AND the fact that this week i'm actually looking forward to Mondays arrival. you know why, and man am i ever stoked! xo ♥

  2. Ugh I freaking hate when my husband and I bicker about something. I ALWAYS lose.. Because he wont just freaking drop it! haha. I'm glad things are better now, that can be so frustrating!

  3. Aw well we already had this discussion via Twitter, but just thought I'd say I'm glad things are better now. Also, you are so cute when you're grumpy - how can he stay mad at you??

  4. oh man, I'm definitely a retreater. Any ounce of confrontation and I shut down! My husband is the opposite and wants to talk things out. I also sometimes get frustrated by the daily duties of being married. I'm the one who does the laundry and cleans the house and he does all the outside work. I guess it evens out, but sometimes it doesn't feel like that.

  5. WE ARE EXACTLY THE SAME! I'm a much better writer than speaker. And I retreat! I've locked myself away until I have time to think and write it out. Sometimes I just write a letter. And it usually works way better!!!!


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