10 Things of the Lovely Sort

Hello there Prettypies! Hope you are having a happy-handsprings-eliciting kind of weekend...I don't know if I did...Cause well...currently it is Wednesday...Yup... This is a  prescheduled post  because Le Jongleur weekend promises to be quite a blur (again). I feel so behind on life in general. Can we start April over again?
So where is the real time Jongleur?!!!  She's prancing the streets of the Magic Kingdom!!!! Yup! Disneyland! (At least that's what I'm hoping...)
I was tagged by the dazzling & sweet Amy from Amy Lou Who to do a 10 Things I Love kind of post. So here I am! Wee!!! I'm going to leave out the Can't-Live-Withouts (ie God, Family, and Friends) and focus on the less obvious stuff...

Here we go then...In no particular, chronological order....

No need to elaborate, right?! So, I think I was supposed to tag some people...Not sure how many, so I'm picking 5!
Here we go!

Stephanie from The Merry Way
Lisa from A Piece of Lisa
Cara-Mia from I Typed for Miles
Breeanna from A Brilliant Melody
Nnenna from Star-Crossed Smile

Have a happy day friends!


  1. Ohhh have fun at Disney Land!

    Thanks for tagging me. I'll be replying soon. :)

  2. Love all your picks! I'm totally a Netflixer too!

  3. I'm loving the new header! I hope you made it do Disney... it makes everything better!!!!

  4. I'm loving all of this list. EEE! We are soulmates, I do believe, friend. ;)

    New header is AMAZEBALLS> I am so happy you used my very favorite picture of you....that one in the middle. Although, I do believe that new fancy feast of a photo on the right is quickly becoming a new fave.

    Hope you had/have fun in Disney!! Can't wait to see pics!!

    p.s. Thank you for all your kind words after the tornadoes!!

  5. So lucky! I want to go to Disneyland! I hope you had a magical time;) Your lists of loves are wonderful too! Netflix is tha best! & everything else on your list:) I hope you have a great week friend!

  6. I heard that crunching on ice can chip your teeth, so although I love it, I try not too :)

    I always forget when people tag me for things. I'll do this tomorrow maybe :)


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