A Week's Worth...and some!

Unappealing apparel this time around folks...Mostly I do this cause I like doodling... 

So anything new and exciting happening in your corner of Blogger county? I'm looking forward to a much needed (and highly desired) break from work. Things have been hectic, and I can't wait to have some days where I take things    s      l     o     w.      Know what I mean?

So here's my to-do list for the next few weeks...
1. Rest & Relaxation
2.Put up some wall art. Deep breath! (I'm afraid of committing to holing up these walls...) I'm weird, I know.
3. Get a pedicure with Lovey (Yes, he loves them. Yes, I have eagle toes at the moment.)
4. Job search!
5. Pump some time & energy into my photography -side business (ie Watermark.Followups. Advertise. Photoshoots!)

I'll leave the list at 5. Can't overwhelm myself now can I?

Oh remembered one more thing...

6. Invest some time into revamping this blogadoo!

Ok...your turn! Top 5 things you must get to the next few weeks...Okay, 2-3 months. Go! Go! Go!

PS. My mustard yellow skirt under "coffee date" is waaay off.. Don't wear skirts that short


  1. haha that yellow skirt is kind of short! That's awesome that you get a break from work. My break is almost over, and it makes me sad :(

    5 things I need to do in April:
    1) Exercise more
    2) Make my own camera bag
    3) Get the house ready for our BBQ this Saturday
    4) Do my homework that I've been putting off
    5) More thrifting!

  2. hehe...these are too cute!!! i love your little doodles.

  3. I wish I had your doodle skills. I love doodling, but I can only draw hearts and flowers.

    Revamping a blog takes SO much time. Trust me -- I just did it!

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  4. Love the orange blazer! Was it in your video?!
    That is a great list! I need a pedi too!

  5. I can't believe you drew those! Artist much?? That yellow skirt cracks me up!! haha, whatever Janette you totally wear skirts above your lady parts! lol. Good luck with the job search:)

  6. 1. sleep
    2. teach the boys numbers and abc's and all the jazz
    3. journal more like paper and pen journal
    4. work out

    Write it in Lipstick

  7. cute doodles! ahaha i didnt notice the yellow skirt was so short until you pointed it out...:P

    1. sleeeep
    2. buy hair conditioner
    3. paint my nails
    4. watch a few movies i've had in mind!
    5. hmmm party this weekend? haha! it's only wednesday and I'm already counting down the hours!


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