Weekend Highlight

I know this is a few days late, but this week has been a little off...Lots of things going on...Happy things...and very sad things... This past weekend was eventful, yet not at the same time...Know what I mean?
Does that happen to you guys?! Highlight of it all was doing a little local exploring with Lovey! It was pure and unadulterated bliss... We wandered through secret alley ways, up and down staircases, taking heaps of pictures along the way...And Lovey was in a picture snapping mood...which is rare...I think my camera intimidates him a smidgen... Hoping he gets the hang of it...Maybe he can capture the Disneyland pranceage! Oh and don't mind my sandals..Are Californians the only ones that wear sweaters, scarfs, and sandals all at once? The weather has been so volatile, you kind of have to!

What was the highlight of your weekend? Can you remember that far back? I only can because I took pictures...

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AHHH! I'm excited to see who wins!!


  1. AAARGGHHH! Forgot to post a picture... Bummer! (the one with my sandals)... grrr!

  2. Lovely lovely photos! I really love the flower shots and the trees!

  3. I love having little exploration dates! And yours looks so much fun, with some beautiful photos as a result! x

  4. I barely remember my weekend! Well, it was full of food. That's always a good thing:-) xoxo

  5. That's what I need to do, take pictures of everything so that i can remember what I did. I hardly ever remember my weekend.hahaha.

    Write it in Lipstick

  6. It HAS been one of those crazy weeks! Luckily 2 more days to go until the weekend!

  7. I'm sorry that you had a somewhat sad weekend:( Your pictures look fantastic though! I wish my husband would be more into taking pictures.. I don't have many of me that aren't close ups because I am always the one with the camera>.<

  8. How fun to go exploring! I know what you mean about not remember what you do. Yesterday I couldn't remember what I did on Monday! The blog helps keep track of my life :)

    Your pictures are so pretty :)

    I use to wear flip flops everyday until I had to buy flats for my job. Now I'm on the hunt for a new pair. I'm picky though because they have to be super comfy

  9. Aw, those pictures are wonderful. They look so summer-y and nice, I can't wait for the snow here to go away so I can bust out my sandals!

    My weekend sucked, did a whole lot of paper writing and not a whole lot of fun stuff. BOO. Hopefully I'll make up for it this weekend. :)

  10. ahhhhh, it's my time to get to enjoy the J to the J goodness. let's begin with... i so would like to be sitting pretty on that bench with you! yes sir, i would. lovin' the pics with your new and improved camera, the macros are especially beautiful. i'm hoping this weekend includes more happiness though, sorry to hear some "stuff" is going on for you. reh! me hates "stuff".

    rockin' photo of you & lovey as shadow peeps, looks like an arrow pointing up the street, so cool! ♥

  11. coolest pictures everrrrrrrrr. Love the super tall shadow photo. AWESOMESPICE.

    & yes please can SOMEBODY take that camera to Disneyland? ;)

  12. Those photos are soooooo pretty! Loves it. :) & yes, that's just how we Californians roll.

    The highlight of my weekend (last weekend, that is) was an all-you-can-eat Brazilian meat buffet in downtown San Diego. Pricey, but so worth it!


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