Vlog Post: What's in my purse?

First Vlog Post EVER! There is a reason I am a blogger and not a vlogger... 


PS. Please be kind!!!! I said "um" so many times it should be illegal...AHHHH!.The
thought of you all viewing it makes me blush...Oh well....
Biting the bullet...

Tagging the following:
Melissa of Write it In Lipstick
Lynn of Hearted Girl
Lisa of A Piece of Lisa
and last but certainly not least...
Ashley from Hudson's Happenings

(I apologize I didn't link back.. I'm about to walk out the door...)


  1. LOL So cute! I don't typically like to vlog because I feel awkward talking to myself, lol!

  2. What a cute vid (^_^)

    Oh, and for those 'Damn, I wish my bongos were smaller so I could create awesome beats any time, any place' moments -


    Have a cracking day!

  3. bhahahah, interference you dork. I like how whenever the cars drove bye it looked like your picture was being taken, dang paparazzi! So I couldnt finish it because the kiddos keep calling my name but you are so cute and more adorable on video, I'm with you I hope they invent watch and smell T.V. soon.

    love ya JJ

    Write it in Lipstick

  4. you should make youtube videos! x

  5. you are sooo cute!!!I looved your video!!!

  6. Dude! This cracked me up! So cute...I'm not sure I could figure out the the whole video thing...can't wait to see the other ladies' posts, lol. Oh! & that hand salve really is the BESTEST thing ever! I have banana, YUM-well, yummy smelling. I haven't really tried to taste it--

  7. HA! Wait, you really DON'T carry the bongos? WHY?

    I love that you carry your journal everywhere, and I love the purse itself.

    My favorite quote: "I'll see you in Jongleurville, in Blogger City, in the country of World Wide Web." Too good!

  8. BUMP IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! yahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, omgeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    now i finally got to see those lucious lips move, baha! dude, you gotta embed this puppy right on your blog, why's it not here?

    that is one honking Burt's Bee's can, hey are you holding the camera while filming? hilarious dips happen when you lean into your bag...reminds me of when i've attempted time behind the wheel of a car. no go for moi, all bad driver, all the time.

    oingo boingo bongo props too, you are the raddest chickita ever. we would SO be real-lifer friends, now i've had the absolute pleasure to hear your darling voice i know this for sure, for sure. now put that arm down and take a bow! xoox ♥

    pea ess: tags make me happy! hug-it's lades and does it mean i do an in my purse post? a vlog version or the reg? i've been dying to do a vlog actually, could be a good prop to help make me less nervous ; )

  9. Can we be best friends? I mean because I totally "know" you. And I'm pretty sure we should be bffs. and get matching bff necklaces. and wear them for the world to see. (not creepy, right?)

    ANNNNND How pretty is your hair? AAAAAGH! It is amazing.

    You are a wonderful vlogger. I need more. NEED more VLOG. K?

    Thank you for the tag! Eeeek! Now I'm all nervous-like. But I shall do it. Yes, I shall. I will rise to the challenge.

    p.s. I hate the word salve.


  10. you are my new bff for saying "dude". maybe it's a california thing haha! I say it too!

    It was so nice to see in "person" :)

    I would be so nervous to do a vlog! You did it! Congrats!

  11. Heck yes! So glad I finally got to watch this!

    1. I adore you big time!
    2. I adore your since of humor!
    3. I totally thought you had a Mary Poppins bag when you pulled out those bongos! Sheesh!
    4.You are adorable and this only makes me want to meet you more!

  12. Um.. You are too freaking cute!! I can't believe it, we have really similar "talking styles" bahahah. Like lingo wise. I pretty much loved this<3


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