Thrifty Treats with Melissa

Bonjour Peeps! Oh did you not know your suppose to speak French here at Casa de Jongleur. Yeah, I know Casa is Spanish for home. I'm Tri-lingual ok... Well now that I have broken the ice with my awkwardness allow me to introduce myself. I am Melissa  and I have to tell you I am a little frightened about guest posting. First off, I'm like the substitute teacher. No one likes the substitute teacher the students just slack off and count the minutes until their "real teacher" comes back. Well don't sweat my pet  I will keep this short.

I like to thrift. It is cheap, I like cheap and sometimes you can score awesome things and most of all it is cheap. Did I say that already? When I go thrifting I keep one thing in mind "What can I change this item into?"
It is very important to keep an open mind when thrifting... you shouldn't see an item for what it is, but for what it can be. 

Example, these shoes:
 They are in great condition but they're not the color I want. What to do.... What to do....
 Spray paint them of course and voila new shoes to gussy up an outfit!

What about a dress? You love the color but a strap is missing. What to do... What to do... Make it into a skirt!  

There is really nothing I won't buy from a thrift store EXCEPT underwear, duh . Oh and hair accessories I don't want anyone's lice. 

So there you go class. Embark on your new thrifting adventure with open arms. 

Peace out!


What a premium beautypie you are Ms. Lipstick! Thank you for your faboo post! Please, do yourself a favor of a lifetime and check out her blog, Write It In Lipstick. Melissa specializes in being awesome, fashionable, and a gorgeous mama all at once. How does she do it??!!!
 Still trying to figure it out....


  1. Lovely guest post I am still in love with those red shoes.

  2. Love the guest post Melissa and thanks for featuring her Janette!

  3. Hi Melissa! You're so adorable. I can't imagine how it is to be a substitute teacher. I know when I was younger, we would put them through so much torture. Go you for being so patient.

    And wow, amazing finds. And I love how you recreated the shoes and 'dress'! So very thrifty.


  4. What a great idea to spray paint your shoes Melissa! I love the new color =)

    star-crossed smile

  5. waht a fun post i loved your little tips and tricks. you should come to our next one here in utah :P haha that'd be fun i would love to meet you in real life!

  6. Very nice post! I love that she spray painted the shoes! It's true - you gotta look for the potential in those thrift store finds, even if it means changing them up!

  7. Lovely guest post! Way to go Melissa!


  8. tri-lingual away pretty lady! i actually corrected my own Kasa when he tried to say Janette's blogs name the other day, made him use the accent and everythin' you'd both of been proud!

    fab cheap & cheerfuls...AND those tremendous shoes again! omg, i love this idea totala. J, you're right, Melissa really does do it all and with amazing grace. i've loved this collabz today. thanks girls!

    pea ess: my love, i wrote-cha back on the bloggy but didn't know if you chose the comment updates. i was super blushing about the sister q and know you weren't serious but it's such a compliment b/c i just think Mitra (that's her name) is all out savvy style girl, so thanks. then the slew that followed was like happy dancing pings coming into my life. yahhhh! i love love the 2dope messages you leave me. kinda wanna turn on the disco ball and dance the night away with you right now ; )

    special thanks for the thoughts about Glenn, it was a lovely message and i cherish everything you said deeply. the loooooooong straw needs to get implemented immedz, you're the coolest ever! xo ♥

  9. Melissa has such a great style of fashion and I always enjoy her colourful commentary- great choice for a guest blogger!

  10. Awesome Red Shoes :)

    Great Post!!!!


  11. I love all this! It's my first time here and I just love that outfit in the very top picture! I really love all those outfits though! Great ideas! I love thrift store shopping so I'll keep my eyes more open next time :)
    Happy Thursday!


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