Second Hand Scores

Told you there were going to be plenty of Thrift-like posts this week...But can you blame me?? Especially when there are ridiculous (gotta-pretend-to-be-calm-when-cashier-tells-me-actual-prices) sales! All my scarves were $1!! Sweetcakes! Got the purses for $2 well as the clothes...AND the bric-a-crac was half off!! WOO HOWDY! 2nd hand scorage at its finest!
Now that I mentioned it...Forgot to photograph some stuff...Oh well.
And you know that gray scarf? It very well might be a table runner, huh? What do you think? And if it is, would you consider it a faux pas to wear it?!??


  1. haha. I would totally wear a table runner as a scarf! Sounds like something I would do:) I love your finds. Especially the B&W striped shirt!

  2. Looks like you found a ton of lovelies! I like that big tote bag and the orangeish tie die scarf! Very cool!

  3. very lovely scores!! I wish you were my thrift store partner in crime! I'm jealous of your scarves :)

  4. Ouhhh LOVE those scarves sweet cheeks!

  5. So many amazing thrifted finds! :D Even if it is a table-runner, I think it's totally acceptable to wear it as scarf- it's called versatility! ;)

    star-crossed smile

  6. Great finds! My favourite is the brown bag, that looks like a really nice quality bag! I've got to find a flea-market here in London, I get so inspired by your finds! :)


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