Passover Feast!

Good day Beautypies! Hope you are all doing fantastically this Thursday morn! I am! This Jongleur is in happy handspring mode! I have a photoshoot today!! Yipee skippy! It's been a while, and I'm a little nervous, but praying all goes well.. This shoot is a biggie! Like...a REAL BIG biggie.These photos shall be featured on a veryyyy popular (and one of your faves) site!!!! It's top secret though...Shh! I can't disclose much else, so don't try to squeeze it outta me....

Anywho! Here are some pics of what we feasted on for our Passover dinner...Everything was uhh-mazing! Yup! There was a lotta "pass that over here again" action at our dinner table. But I don't think that's what God meant by Passover...But you catch my drift...Here is the splendor:
1. Jean's Broiled Tomato Glorious Goodness: I don't like tomatoes, but these were greatmazing!
2. Potato Pancakes: Topped with sour cream and apple sauce is best...
3 Jean's Parsnip-Carrot-Maple Syrup Marvelous Medley: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
4.Couscous Salad: Mmmm!
5.Matzo Ball Soup: Yummy in my tummy!
6. Traditional Charoset:  Mix of Apples, Walnuts, Sweet Red Wine, Honey, Cinnamon, and Lemon.
7. Chocolate covered Matzos: Oh. Yes.
8. Smoked lamb from Whole Foods (not pictured): Nice!
9. Smoked beef brisket from Whole Foods (not pictured):  WOWSERS!

Well..hope I didn't make you hungry...Have a splendid and premium day!

PS. I made 2 & 6. 2 is another  blender recipe . I should post that.


  1. ooooh wow, what a feast. this post is making me sooooo hungry

  2. Oh everything just looks so amazingly delicious! Looks like it was truly a feast. :)

  3. oh man, it all looks so good! Especially since I haven't been able to chew anything all week!


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