It's the most important meal of the day you know!

Lovey usually leaves for work in the wee hours of the morn whilst I'm still dreaming of tidal waves, being in high school again, and telling people about Jesus.( Yes, I really do dream about those things! Quite regularly.) Anywho...Earlier this week, Lovey had a late start and I was able to make him a real breakfast. (Or as we refer to it in the Lovey household, "brekky") I only do this on Sunday morning, so having this type of early soiree on Tuesday threw off my whole week. It really did! But it was yum-o! We had eggs, toast, turkey bacon, and tea. Oh and mango butter, Nutella, and strawberry jam as toast toppers. It was delightful!

What are your favorite breakfast foods? Do you even eat breakfast?

PS. Speaking of breakfast! Guess who I'm meeting up with this morning????!!!  Valeryyyyyyyy!! Weee!
Another edition of Breakfast with Valery, perhaps????


  1. Umm.. I love breakfast food, but I never actually eat it for breakfast. I don't actually hardly ever eat breakfast, to be honest I get way too hungry for lunch and end up eating more if I eat breakfast. Than if I didn't eat anything until lunch. I'm a weirdo! That food looks yummy!!

  2. Love me some breakfast!

    My favorite breakfast foods are scrambled eggs, with fried corn tortilla pieces, salt, pepper...shredded cheese & salsa on top! Yum! And an english other choice would is potatoe pancakes! I love them!! Even though they give me headaches :(

    Glad you had time to eat breakfast together...sometimes I wake my husband up early just that I can have time with him before he leaves for work, lol. Grumpy, sleepy face and all!

  3. I hardly never eat breakfast during the week but on the weekends i LOVE having a long nice brekkie with eggs and bacon :) One of my other favorites is natural yoghurt with honey and nuts - so so yummy!

    xox mervi

  4. Cute mug by the way!! I have an obsession for mugs--

  5. I love that you got to make a big, yummy breakfast during the week. I wish that was possible! During the week my boyfriend usually skips breakfast because he's out the door with 5 minutes to spare to make it to work and I usually grab a bowl of Kashi cereal or yogurt, but on Saturday mornings (or Sunday if we missed it on Satturday) I like to do up a big breakfast to make up for our lack of good breakfast food during the week!

  6. how adorable! we ALSO call it brekkie. so fun, right?! our favorite thing is waffles with fresh fruit and honey. we had it this morning. yumzz!

  7. Ahh I love breakfast! My favorite part of staying in hotels, for example, is the breakfast buffet! And being Filipino, I love mine with rice! Bacon and eggs and rice, or corned beef and rice, or spam and rice! Nom nom nom!!!

  8. Drool! :) Mango butter sounds yummy, I've never tried that! I love brekkie and never ever skip it, my favourite is mango/passion fruit youghurt with Special K and blueberries, grapefruit, tea and toasted bagels with cream cheese! This is making me hungry, ha ha!


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