Giveaway Winner!

WHO WON????!!
Watch and find out!!!

Thanks for participating!
Congratulations again! Winner, please contact me at janettethejongleur[at]gmail[dot]com. And stay tuned for another giveaway sometime in the near future folks!


  1. LOL what an adorable video! Congrats... winner ;)

  2. your so evil, this is worse than American Idol when they announce who won!

  3. That was too cute! Congrats Heidi!

  4. While I'm green with envy...

    Congratulations Heidi! And Janette, could you BE any cuter with your video!? (That was supposed to translate to sound like Chandler Bing)..

    SO awesome!

  5. I just came across your blog and I love it here! I can't wait to read more of your lovely posts!

    Happy Friday! :)

  6. MEEP! REALLY??????? I CAN"T BELIEVE IT! I am so excited! You just made my weekend! Oh and this was totally the best giveaway announcement I have EVER SEEN! Sorry I have been so behind on blogger and twitter lately. I just barely saw your tweet and came immediately over to your blog! HOOORAY! I will tweet my address to you, is that okay?? .. Seriously i am SO excited!

  7. Janet this is super amazing! Did you come up with the most random t-rex & other little guy-thingy? This made me giggle, lol.

    Congratulations Heidi!!!

  8. Janette...yikes, sorry. That's what happens when I type too fast. Many apologies!

  9. Congrats Heidi! you lucky girl you.

    and Janette, um, to coin a term from the most spectacular girl in all the land - WOOOO HOWDY! this was epic & probz the most creative winner announcement i've had the pleasure to bear witness of. nice one. ♥

    pea ess: maybz you could make one of these with me & Ry-Ry??? the sizing parameters are kind similar ; )

  10. (Oh Heidi. Since I consider you a friend, and you are so lovely and kind, I shall refrain from getting angry at my loss over this amazing giveaway.)

    WOWZA Janette. You little videographer you...what in the world is this cuteness!?! Did you create this all by yourself? You amaze me with your creations. Really.

    And I was really digging that music.


  11. Yay Heidi! Aww I love her, glad she won!

    Super awesome giveaway announcement! Love that music!

  12. Jeez! I loved this! How cute are you?!

    And congrats to Heidi!


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