Giveaway Update

Just a few words about my giveaway...

1. Please follow the rules.
I know it was a bit wordy, but please read the whole thing through and enter accordingly. Thank you :-)

2. Are you a US Resident?
Please do not enter if you reside elsewhere. Sorry :-/

3. Additional Way to Enter..Wee!
Grab my button and leave a comment with your blog link. (It only has to be posted until the contest ends, in case you're afraid of that sort of commitment)-2 entries 

(YUP! Comment twice!)

For all you Beautypies who already have my blog button on your blog (THANKS!), please comment twice for your additional entries too!!

Did that make sense?

4. Winner will be announced Friday, April 8, 2011 at 9AM PST.

5. Specific prize will be posted a few days after that, for the curious un-winners. ("losers" sounds so degrading!)

Remember to enter on the original


  1. i got over excited when commenting before and perhaps had a dream i entered your fab giveaway. Sean needs to feed me, when i'm ravenous i kinda get brain stumbles but perchance to continue the dream of being a US rezi isn't so bad indeed. i'd be that much closer to you right?! xo ♥

  2. oh my gosh i just found your blog and i love your layout and everything about it. i was even happier to discover that you're hosting a giveaway! i'm about to go on over to your original post and see what up! hopefully i win ^-^ if you have a minute you should check out my blog and follow if you feel the same
    your newest follower

  3. yay! I've had your button up! Going to add my extra entries now! =)

  4. I think I entered right? hahah. I am going to put the button up right now! Yipee!


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