Fish Tacos

I made this amazingness last week for dinner. Fiesta for my taste buds! Fish tacos topped with cabbage, onion-bell pepper medley, and tomato. It was yum-oh!

Oh wouldn't it be nice to get full off of food pictures? Then we could gorge on cookbook pictures....and never gain a pound..
Yup! Yup!
So hope you are all having a nice weekend!

If you missed some Jongleur highlights from last week check 'um out here....

Giveaway winner!: Yes. We have a winner! Yes. I already went shopping for her. Yes I shall post what I purchased once she receives her order.

First Vlog Ever: Thank you all for your kind comments!!! I was going to move out of Blogger County and head for the mountains if I got any negative reactions...So far, so good...Seriously! Thank you!!!!

Week's Worth of Apparel: You guys are so gracious! Thanks for not criticizing my menial drawing skills!
Wellsers...looking forward to the new week!!!Are you?


  1. I love the spam above! bahahahah. Lame. Those tacos look Delish!! I love tacos so much, I don't eat seafood, but your tacos do look pretty tempting!! I still need to check out your vlog! When I saw the post I was at work so I couldn't play it. haha. I am going to check it out though<3 Have a good sunday!

  2. Uhmmm those look so good. I can never make mine look that yummy. I bet they tasted scrumptious. Im new here. btw!

  3. nom nom nom these look so tasty! Also just watched both of the videos you made and they are so cute! You have nothing to be worried about for your vlog- it was so great to get to hear your voice :D

    star-crossed smile

  4. YEUUUMM... you cannot go wrong with fish tacos! Love the photo-graphias you took too :)

  5. HIIIIII friend. Warning: I am playing major blog catch up tonight. Beware of an onslaught of comments coming your way.

    p.s.this looks delish.

  6. OH man I've missed a bunch! Love those photos! Looks so yummy!


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