Feliz Friday!

Feliz Friday Friendly Friends!{Aren't alliterations thee coolest?!!}

A hectic weekend awaits me... Birthday parties (not mine), church, cooking, cleaning, shopping... Sooo much...Boo! I need one more day in the week.. And I shall call it "Thursday B". I know, not very original. How about Bursday? Ahhh! Do you need an extra day in the week?
Last week I visited Lisa's awesomecakes lil' shop, Nest in Anaheim... I'm happy to say I knew Ms. Lisa Rios before she was the entrepreneurial femme force she has become. She's the genius mastermind and creative heart behind the exponentially successful and sophisticated Etsy shop, Whimsy & Ink. Check it out!
Lisa is a busybear, but I hope in the near future she is willing to do an interview here in Jongleurtonia. Wouldn't that be splendid guys? (Wink!) Yes, I agree!

Well Prettypies, have a happy weekend...

PS. Hope you all checked out Ashley's sweet guest post...and mine!


  1. alliterations are the coolest ;) Have a great weekend!

  2. lovely blog you got here! ♥
    may be we can follow each other??

  3. I love the new blog look! Super cute & Simple


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