The Breakfastless Edition

Valery and I had been talking (what seemed like foreverssss) about going thrifting at an awesomecakes local Salvation Army..Our schedules are usually busy and conflicting, yet everything worked out and we spent a glorious morning perusing through type-and color-coded aisles of premium goodies and potential purchases.... Joyous central!!!

I LOVE thrifting with friends...they find stuff for find stuff for them...and when you  cackle out loud at an amusing find, no one looks at you weird...It's greatmazing!!!! We are planning on making a monthly tradition out of it.....Trraaaaaditiooooon! Tradition!!! (Fiddler on the Roof, throwback..) I'm excited!!! Wellsers...Here is the pictage....
Some cute things I saw, but didn't purchase...

Friendlies, stay tuned for other thrifty related posts this week....Wee!!!


  1. grand styles that both you fine ladies scooped up - thrifty hunting days are so fun! and J, is that your camera lens or are you just happy to see me? ; )

    happy monday friend! ♥

    pea ess: omg, i loved your comment, thank you! i totally used to reserve pages in my besties yearbooks and make them write "reserved for lynn" at the top so no one else would deface it before i could. baha! xo

  2. Sounds like a super fun day! I need to hit the thrift stores this weekend - need to find some cute spring accessories :)

    xox mervi

    ps. I love the top you're wearing by the way, so cute!

  3. I heart thrifting! It is sort of the best. I love your cute finds, too :)

    Come read about my Lovely Little Rants ♥

  4. Yay! I love when you go thrifting, you always find cute things. One of the thrift stores I go to has picture frames all around the side of the walls like the one you went to. For a second, I thought it was the same store!

  5. As I told you once, I wish that there were places like this, in my city.

  6. Love it! I wish I could go thrifting more, but it is the same with my friend and I. Always conflicting schedules!


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