B&A: Guest Room Corner

Haven't done one of these in a while....Remember I mentioned I had commitment issues with putting up wall art?? Well...Here's proof..We've been living here almost a year and this is 1 of 3 paintings that we've put up throughout the house... But that's about to change friends! This little cozy corner in my guest room shall be my first task...Deep breath!

I have high hopes for this room..

It's a good start right?

Looking for the after,


  1. Ooo Good idea! I need to do the same thing! I love how you drew on the photo what you wanted! How clever! I hope your having a fantastic day!<3

  2. Oh yes! I love how you planned that out! Never thought about drawing on a photo before.

  3. awe, i know exactly what you mean, we were "artless" for well over a year in our place too. how does this happen? but happy to see your plans for fixin' the wall up slick stylz! can't wait to see the finished results, i know it'll look lovely lades. what a darling polka dotted chair!!!!!!!! xo ♥

    pea ess: um, spoiler alertz: that ol' vloggy reciprocation will be up later today. omg, i was such a camera hog (who knew?) and maxed out like 8-ish minutes ; ) baha!!!!

  4. I love your plans - can't wait to see how they turn out!! x

  5. Wall ART can soooo change the look of a room! I currently live in a small house, filled to the brim with wall art. I need more walls. :)

    I think you should adorn with all types of lovelies....like you plan. It will be so wonderful. Eeee!

  6. hahah you silly girl I do love how you planned it out and now you can make sure it looks good without poking a million holes like I do.


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