5 Things......DSLR.

I've had my DSLR cammy for a few, flashtastic months now...It's been glorious! But before my days savoring the joys of detachable lenses and manual settings, I was the humble and proud owner of a Canon SX10 (ie a top of the line point and shoot camera). And a little before that, I had a Nikon Coolpix boasting a whopping 6 megapixels. (Yeah! I was cool in 2006!) I'm pleased to say I've come a long way since my single-digit megapixellin' days... 
Lets get this party started...

1. Any camera can take great pictures.
I started a photography (side) business with a point and shoot camera that malfunctioned and froze on all days ending with "y". And yet, I managed to get some of my favorite shots of all time. Does that mean I'm telling you not to get a DSLR? No. Absolutely not. I'm just staying, if you can't take a decent picture with the camera you have, no amount of gizmos, and or accessories shall be helpful. Trust me! This takes me to my next point...

2. You will need heaps of practice and patience!
I like avoiding cliches...but honestly? Practice really does make perfect. You will need ridiculous amounts of practice. As in, "you have to purchase another external harddrive" kind of ridiculous. Shoot in different lighting, locations, angles...Challenge yourself and don't give up....

3.Manual reading is mandatory!
 I tend to pride myself in the fact that I rarely read manuals (sometimes I have a boy's brain). I've always been the kind of lass that just figures stuff out. Not so with a DSLR my friends. I did get pretty far without cracking the seal on the manual...However, even I know that you must read and study what the myriad of buttons mean to operate your cammy in full potential-awesomecakes mode. So get reading!

4. No more one-handed self-portraits.
Ok. I had no idea just how heavy my new camera would be. Seriously! And if you're lazy like me, this translates into you taking your camera less places which translates into less of number 2. For example,  I'm planning on going to Disneyland next month, and I haven't decided whether to take my newbie or my oldie cammy. Do I mind carrying around an extra 8lbs (body, lenses, case, batteries, etc) for 12 hours? Or would I rather prance carefree and weightless down Main Street with Mr. Mouse? Hmm... I can't decide! Who would capture such sweet pranceage if I didn't? Hmm...

5.DSLRs are Money Pits!
Cool! You got a deal and got a suh-weet cammy for under $1000. Guess what!? There are catalogs full of accessories you will want and potentially purchase.  Extra lenses, tripod, remote, external flash, camera bag, more lenses, reflectors, lens hoods, filters...(Exhibit A). Be prepared to spend another $1000 (easily)!

 End of party...

I hope I didn't discourage anyone from purchasing a DSLR. That wasn't my intention. I just want you to know what I've learned about this venture...

Now, to all my fellow pho-phos and DSLR owners...What do you wish  someone would have told you before purchasing this type of cammy (besides it's awesomecakes factor?)? Personally, I'm crazy about DOF.


  1. I LOOOOOVEEEEEEE my camera and practice really is key! I have been practicing non-stop. Seriously I already have thousands of pictueres on my HD and it hasn't even been a week>.< I need to delete a lot of them hahah. I am still to new to the whole DSLR thing so I don't quite yet have a list of things I wish I knew before buying. Although I am already looking into lenses/flash etc. Fun fun! Cool post!

  2. Great post, and I think you about covered it! I still have yet to know what half the buttons on mine mean (cue ashamed face)...Guess I should crack the manual, eh?

  3. I so agree with all of this. I hate dragging my expensive camera everywhere and when I took it to Disneyland I regretted it because it go wet on one of the rides and it started acting up. But some of my fav pic are from my point and shoot as well.

    Write it in Lipstick

    P.S. how do you respond to someone's comment via email?

  4. manual reading is mandatory!! ;p have patience...once you get the hang of it you will love it!

  5. "all days ending in y", now that is a Jongleurism i must use, so good! and that's the exact kind (DSLR but a Sony one) that i was talking about in my last comment. Kasa freaks when i want to try using his and heck ya, that thing weighs a ton, probz why i've almost dropped it a time or 10! good for you one the mastering, so complicated for le derelict blog biddy...meaning moi!

    i've got a Sony Cyber Shot and wish i would have known it didn't have remote capacity. boo cybershot, you make me all kinds of angryface. but you lovely make my face light up every time. happy Tuesday night with your lovie!!!! xo ♥

  6. WHAAAAAT? You had me at....Disneyland. Color me JEALOUS.

    Anyway. Back to the task at hand...as a DSLR owner, I would just like to say that agree with each of these statements. This post is Ashley-approved.

    MY least favorite discovery? No more one armed self portraits. That was a super downer, and I may or may not have been depressed about it, oh, a year after I purchased my camera. I've forgiven it now. It told me to get over myself and use a tripod. Which is a pain in my butt, but I suck it up sometimes, and drag that baby out. Ugh.

    Next on my list? I have to contribute to the money pit and buy a remote. Because running back and forth from above mentioned tripod and pose location is truly stinky. Not to mention I look really dumb to passersby.

    I'm totally rehashing your points here. I'll quit. But I felt the need to rant a bit. I feel passionate about this subject. Can you tell? ;)

    p.s. go ahead and drag that DSLR to Disney. Annoying, yes, but I see some amazinnnnnnnng pictures in my viewing future. Thank you in advance.

  7. I've wanted a dslr for a while now but am really thinking about sticking with mine for a while and checking out what it can really do after this post! Thanks! x

  8. I wish someone told me I wouldn't want to carry it around everywhere, kind of like #4. I even forget about brining it to events because I don't normally take it every where.

    I also miss being able to take one handed self-portraits! Although I do try lol.

  9. I forgot to say that I'm going to Disneyland in May too! I love that place. I don't think I'm bringing my DSLR. Too many chances for it to get dropped or hurt. Plus it's heavy!

  10. These are really good things to know! I really want to save up money and purchase one and I've been dying to take a photography class for a while, so maybe this summer both of those things can happen! :)

    star-crossed smile

  11. I couldn't agree MORE! Some of the BEST photos I've taken is using my good ol' Nokia 6230 camera phone. LOL. No, I do have a DSLR but I use my Canon G10 or G12 so much more!!!!

    Three step guide to photography: 01: be interesting. 02: find interesting people. 03: find interesting places. Nothing about cameras. (Anonymous)


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