Weekly Rewind!

Not much has been going on in my corner of the world lately...but I still wanted to share this past week's Jongleurian jaunts and jostles...Cause I can! Wee! Off I go!
 I made a paper flower for my mammer's gift. She liked it so much she didn't unwrap her present. Isn't she a preciouspie!??
I bought this slice of happiness at the $2 Target bin. Journal. Unlined!
I cleaned and rearranged my closet at 10:30PM Thursday. (I get in a cleaning mood when it's late and I'm exhausted. Go figure.) Oh does anyone else color code clothes?
Went to a 4 person birthday bash... It was stellarkellar!

Saw this awesome painting in a bathroom..
Went on a sunset walk with my pretty friendlies on Sabbath!

And had a photo fiesta on said walk...

Highlight of my week? Spending time with my mammers on her birthday...
Lowlight? Our 8 month old washer broke...Boo!
PS. What was the highlight and or lowlight of your week??
PPS. Stay tuned for a stellarkellar announcement sometime soon! Wee!!! I'm excited! 
PPPS. It'll probably be Monday because I hate suspense so!


  1. 1. What a sweet Mammer you have. ;)
    2. I just got so excited to see that GIRAFFE. They remind me so much of my little Hudson. My mother in law created a beautiful piece of artwork for him before he was born of.....drumroll....a giraffe.
    3.I have always color coded my clothes. It's the best way, me thinks.
    4. ANY birthday bash is AMAZING, right? Especially when it's for a sweet mom.
    5. Flapper Fabulousity. I love that picture.
    6. Cuties with umbrellas? Yes please.
    7. Those shades are fab. Yippee for a photo fiesta. LOVES it.

    p.s. I'm a bit embarrassed to tell you how long it took me to decipher RECENTREWINDRECAPREVIEW. Ha.

  2. Happy birthday to your mom!

    I use to color code my closet, but now I have them ordered by type of clothing :)

    Can't wait to hear your announcement!

  3. Happy Birthday to your sweet mom:) That paper flower is adorb! It looks like you had a great week my friend<3 I am really excited about your announcement whatever it may be!

  4. Happy Birthday to your momma! My moms birthday was last week! And I just wanted to say..... I love your blog!!!! So glad I found you! Am definitely entering that super fun giveaway too! :)

  5. OK geez we are twins! Yes I color code my closet! (And separate by type too.)
    Love the pretty flower!
    And that is such a cute journal? Does it mean more pen and paper posts?!?!
    Sounds like a lovely weekend, except for the washer. YUCK!

  6. what a pretty posey you made for your momma! i hope she had a great day and finally did get to unwrap your gift, ah mom's, aren't they the best?! always have such a way to make us girls feel special, love it.

    and yes to the yes, i am a raging late night closet organizer and house cleaner too. we'd be such good roomies hey? our whole place would be in a flurry of late night ocd arranging with the occasional dance party break for getting our creative closet coordinations on track. love the pics and your girlfriends are so cute! glad the week was awesomesauce but boo on the washing machine konk-out...um, warranty? xo ♥

  7. I arrange my closet by color too! in rainbow order. ha. :]


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