Tried being a braidbear...

Sad my braids didn't turn out thicker..or more defined...or more like this girls...Haha! Oh well...Maybe need some extensions next time... Made me feel springlike for sure! Weeee! Here's a picture of me after work...The hair held up well...Me? Not so much. So tired....zzzzz

Happy Wednesday!

PS. No color scheme for outfit today...
Shoes, blazer, earrings: Thrifted
Bracelet: Gifted


  1. I really like the top and the blazer! And your doo makes the outfit even snazzier!
    And I like the last photo too. You look so sweet!

  2. Love the braids (again, you're making me miss long hair)! And love the outfit :)

  3. This is really cute--I hate doing my hair, I get really frustrated 'cause it's super fine and too thin :( Plus--I can only do a simple braid, lol. Great post! ♥

  4. wow the hair is amazing! I wish I am better at doing my hair, they look like greek goddesses hair :)

  5. Jj your hair looks so lovely, I want to copy it. I hope I look as lovely as you. Probably not but I'll pucker my lips so I can look like you.hahaha. your blazer is so romantic looking too. Also srzly open up the shop.k.

    Your homie, melissa

  6. CUTE Braids! I think they turned out great! I wish my hair was healthier, whenever I braid my hair I have stupid short whispy hairs sticking out everywhere >.<

  7. Oh you look so pretty! Those braids look hard. You did a good job!

  8. Your hair turned out great, what are you talking about? You are so gorgeous. :)
    I haven't been able to stop by anyone's blog- I've been so busy! I really missed seeing what you've been up to... I see you started posting outfit photos- and you scored an awesome vintage camera! yay! *Whew* I haven't read/commented on someone's blog in so long, I've kind of lost my touch and am rambling. Ta-ta for now.

  9. I blog stalk writeitinlipstick and saw you there. Love the hair do. great blog.

  10. lovieeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!! i loveeeeeeeeeeeee it totala!!!!!!

    i saw that post on elsie's blog and almost swallowed my big blob of gum from inhaling so hard. i adore your rendition, i can only manage some measly, sad braids b/c my hair is so fine. boo! but yours rock and that xo bracelet is super cute too. in the last photo you look like a model, so beautiful. ♥

  11. I would DIE for a braid like that...daggone curly hair! happy to have stumbled on your blog :) hope you had a great Monday! xoxo {av}


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