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Feliz Friday Friendlies! (I love alliterations!) 
Hope you all have some kind of super magical weekend planned. Right now, my weekend is looking like a beauty. Lovey and I are observing Shabbat at our place..Woo hoo! (One of our ultimatefave things to do...) We rest like it's nobody's business. Lots of food, Bible study, fellowship, and nappies scheduled...That is, if we aren't too busy resting of course! Then we are seeing some fam and I plan on being a productive Patti on Sunday.... Can't wait!

Anyway. Just wanted to share a Bible verse I love love love... I hope you like it too.. Actually I would like to share more about my faith in God on this blogaroo... but lately I've been feeling some kind of spiritual restraint, I guess you could call it... a malaise of sorts. For all my fellow sisters in Messiah (who are fluent in Christianese): Have you ever felt like you have so much head knowledge about the Lord and who He is and what He's done...but there's an absence of heart knowledge you gain from actual experience? It's like reading about how to ride a bike, making graphs, plotting wind velocities and gravitational trajectories...And yet...reading about bicycles is not the same as actually experiencing and attempting it live. This is how I've felt lately..And I have a hunch this is why I've had so many trials. He is trying to teach me the opportunity for some hands-on training.  God is good. I'm grateful and in love, nonetheless. Please pray for me my sissies. Thanks.
Oh yeah.. Here is the verse:


Have a good weekend,
Janette, the Jongleur

PS. To go with the whole riding a bicycle analogy... I love vintage posters!



  1. Love that verse! And yes I've been there and gone through this stage before, but lately I feel something different. Like I'm constantly feeling his love and seeing it around me, but not knowing how to express it or put it into words.

  2. It's always good to remember who we are that we a children of good. That is a great verse.

  3. Hey there pretty lady! I know exactly what you are talking about. I went to a Christian college and had a lot, ALOT of Bible classes. Reading the Bible and writing papers about my own religion became homework and a chore. I learned so much about it, but now I've lost the experience and relationship aspect of it. I feel really disconnected from God and the desire to have what I use to have isn't there any more.

  4. Estoy histerica, i was writing to you a message and my mom close the window of your blog and all that I type just gone and I hate to write in english 'cause my grammar is awefull but anyway I'm glad that you feel really close to God, and have a faith so strong. Is really amazing 'cause when you have that you can feel almost happy.

    P.S Aun no se manejar bicileta :)


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