Thrifty Treats with Nnenna

Heya everyone!  I'm Nnenna!  I'm originally from California but currently attending college in Connecticut.  I'm a shop-a-holic: I love to put together outfits and also see what everybody else is wearing!  I love to knit as well and sometimes I work my knits into my outfit posts (like above)!

I'm fairly new to thrifting (I just started at the end of last year), but I don't know why I didn't start thrifting earlier- I've found some really great clothes!  I think my favorite department in the thrift store is the sweater section.  I have found so many awesome sweaters for under $5 and when I'm lounging around my room, I love to wear these comfy sweaters!  My ultimate sweater find would be a cozy cashmere sweater- ultimate softness! :)

Things I wouldn't buy from a thrift store include underwear and sheets- I like these two items to be absolutely new when I purchase them! :D  Since spring has finally come, I've been searching for pretty dresses and skirts to wear in the warmer weather.  And I just can't resist showing you this beautiful silk maxi skirt that I found just a couple of days ago!

Thank you so much Janette for allowing me to share my thrifty treats on your blog! =)
Thank you Nnenna for being my guest! And  please mosey on over and check out Nnenna's blog
Hurry! Quick! 
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  1. Thanks for sharing! love this feature Janette. And Nnenna, I totally agree about cozy sweaters- you can find so many good ones via thrifting!

  2. I love reading these features. It is interesting to see what people get:) Such a pretty girl too! I hope your having a great day<3

  3. I agree underwear should always be brand new, LOL. Way to find that awesome skirt Nnenna.

    Write it in Lipstick

  4. great guest J, she's so on it with her fashion finds and incredible talents!

    Nnenna, wowness okay! i paid top dollar for a similar knit to the one you are wearing and the fact you made it yourself, well blown away is what! nice one. you're such a beautiful girl & have the most sincere eyes. thanks for sharing your thrifty ways today. good advice to keep on point next time i venture out for a shop sesh. ♥

    pea ess: my j to tha j, i commented back to ya over in my hood but have to say again...mylo will always send you lovin' purrs no matter how you spell his name. we adore you, you know it lades!!!!! xox

  5. @Stephanie Thanks for the comment! It was so fun to go through my finds and see what I tend to purchase while thrifting :)

    @Gwiddle Thank you so much! :)

    @Melissa Lol, thanks Melissa! It is seriously my favorite recent find and that thrifting trip was almost a bust because I didn't find it until the very end!

    @Lynn You're are the sweetest- thank you so much for your comment! Yay- I'm happy to pass only the useful tips I've learned since I started thrifting! It was so kind of J to let me guest post on her blog and I'm so glad I got to share my thrifty treats with you guys! :D

    star-crossed smile

  6. Thrifted finds are my favorite things to read/look at on blogs. that pink skirt is so dreamy. Perfect for the Spring! xoxo

  7. @Jennyboo Thank you! I can't wait to do some more thrifting for spring! :)

  8. I love the fourth sweater/vest?
    and the color of the skirt is so pretty
    it should be a maxi see through though, it would be very nice in that color :)

  9. @Breeanna Nice to meet you too and thank you! :)
    @effy<3steff Thank you! I love that maxi skirt and I would love to find another one that was sheer, that would be amazing! :)


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