Thrifty Treats with Andrea!

Heyya Blogaroo Friends! Today is a special day, no doubt! Andrea from Andrea's Garden is here to share her Thrifty Treats with everyone in Jongleurtopia. How cool is she? I think she's a pretty amazing bonnie lass! She makes her own lip balm! No seriously....Who does that? Only Andrea, cause she's stellar!

About Me:
I live in sunny so cal and am currently working my way through school while running my two businesses: and I knit/crochet, spin, sew, thrift, and blog. My dream is to become a wedding planner. :)  
Fave departments: 
My favorite departments in the thrift store are... skirts and shoes. I adore vintage pencil skirts. If they are wool, even better. I also love everything by Ann Taylor. I scour the shoe section looking for the perfect pair of equestrian lace-up boots. I want a pair in mid-calf and ankle length.

Top Finds:
My cowboy boots:
 my typewriters:

my quilted sweatshirt and rain boots:

polaroid camera:

What I Wouldn't Buy
I would not buy underwear at the thrift store. I would think really hard before buying an electronic device. I don't know about your thrift stores, but you can't test anything and there are no returns at mine.

Thanks for your awesomecake shares Ms. A! You have such a bright, crafty sparkly-filled future ahead, sweet girl...Wouldn't you all agree?
 PS. To check out a previous guest post by my brilliant pal, Breeanna, click here.. Or to see my Thrifty Treats, click here...


  1. Great guest blog!! I'm definately going to be a follower!! Looks like she lives in Oceanside or Carlsbad, love that area.

  2. Oh I love the guest post. Those cowboy boots rock. I found some thrifting when I lived in Texas and they were only $7 HOLLA!

  3. She is too cute! She looks so young too! I REALLY need to get back into thrifiting, it's been a while! Great finds though I <3 typewriters!

  4. What a cool & cute little cat she is! I love this post! & those typewriters are so cool!! :D

  5. The boots are really nice! And awww that girl is so cute :)

  6. cute blog!!:)
    Follow me? I'd be very happy if you do it!
    Thank you so much!

  7. what an eency weency little angel she is! and a busy one at that!!! holy schmolls, i'd like to have blast of energy off her effervescent soul.

    awesome guestage, those typewriters are epic!!!! and heck ya, no dainties ever purchased while on a thrifting jaunt. that could lead to....ewww, we won't go there though right?! ; )

    loved this bunches. ♥

  8. I love her blog! She always finds the cutest stuff! Love those typewriters! Great guest post! Oh and thanks for the shout out :)


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