Take that Mr. E! You didn't get the best of me....Yet!

I despise earthquakes. For many reasons.(Well... just the mean kind. I've felt some polite ones that were actually kind of fun.) So much so, that I end up mapping out emergency evacuation routes in my head whenever I’m in a multi-leveled building. I do. I think it’s good to rehearse such scenarios. Just in case!
Now imagine my thoughts when I went to San Francisco for the first time. What do you think the Jongleur powerhouse was a-ponderin' (that is, when I wasn’t daydreaming about the Tanners and Full House episodes)?!? Earthshakes! Of course! I was pretty much convinced (before my arrival) that while I was in SF a big earthquake would hit. (Drama queen???!!!!) So, while I had a great time in Sanfran with Lovey, I wouldn’t say it was a completely happy, carefree, prancing in the streets, vacay-holiday experience. But it was cool to be there nonetheless.
Hmm... Maybe one day this won't be the case...but until that day...Here is the score...
Janette: 1 Earthquakes: 0
Yeah. Take that Mr. Earthquake! I got one up on you. I do! 
Here are some trippics:
PS. For those who were wondering about Yesterday's  Pure-picture-post... It was my boss's birthday... We had cupcakes and Yogurtland to celebrate.. Then I went to my Ma's to have some yum-o Mexican food with my sissy and niece (who draws beautifully). The end.


  1. I had the same uneasiness when we were in San Francisco back in October, especially when we were on the BART at the bottom of the bay. Those where the most intense 10 minutes of our entire trip. Kind of interesting how stressful it can be, even though we're from Southern California, and earthquakes happen here too! :)

  2. I'm totally the same way! When I went to Japan I was so scared, and I have major panic attacks when I am in a building or hotel that is more than 2 stories high. I always try to think which floor I would have the best chance at survival! haha. When I was in japan we were at Disney Land in Tokyo and there were 5 mini earthquakes while we were there, it was terrifying!

  3. Your pictures are so pretty! Great blog, too :)

  4. gaaaa, love the San Fran pics but know exactly what you're saying. it's a palp prosesh for sure. i still haven't been there but it's top o' my list of dream stop offs. the one time an ex & I almost got there was the year it had the big E! (circa '89) we stopped off for gas and heard it all over the radio, so scary!

    i'm glad to know you & lovey didn't get the least little tremor though. ♥


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