Sisterhoodlike Photoshoot

I love taking a fieldtrip through photos on my hard drive. I find all kinds of stuff that I'd forgotten about...birthday parties...lounge fiestas...road trips.. Helps me stir up the memory brew a bit too. I like it. I especially LOVE finding pictures that I haven't shared yet (ie past photo shoots you may or may have not seen) The following are probably some of my top notch, premium candy,  faves of my entire photo career. It's from a sisterhoodlike shoot I did last year. I think I've shared some of these already...But here are a few more...
Kind of dreamy huh? In retrospect, I would've liked to do some outfit changes...But I was on a time crunch...Oh well.. Maybe next time...


  1. sweet fancy bananas!!!!! THOSE are the matching set to your newly thrifted sheets, they are one in the same! incredz lades and your photo shoot is loveliest to my eyes.

    i feel like this should be for a musical duo and be on their album cover, sleeve and what not. so good. ♥

  2. these are just so lovely.
    i love the idea of a sister shoot.



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