Prize Peeksy Perhaps?

Welps...Decided to mosey on over to Forever 21 and take a looksie at their accessories section...This is what I liked... Could my giveaway winner possibly be getting a few of these items? Hmm... I dunno. Honestly! I'm just showing you stuff I'd get myself...That's all....

 Again... giveaway prize will include 1 ring, 1 bracelet, 1 pair of earrings, and 1 necklace...But it's not limited to that...Just wanted to clarify in case anyone was thinking they were getting 20 million things...I wish I could! But I'm pretty much poor.

PS. Stay tuned for one additional way to enter...that's worth 2 extra entries! (Get your scuba diving oxygen tanks ready...That's all I'm sayin'!)


  1. Oooo! I love the turqoise stuff of course and the white coin purse is so cute!
    Love the black earrings at the bottom too!
    cant wait to see who wins!

  2. I love the black feather necklace. I've been stalking it for a while. My only problem is then I'd have to order some other stuff (darn) to get the free shipping. It's a slippery slope. :)


  3. I am in love with all of these! I pretty much browse F21 everyday! I love that store! I hope your having a fab day!

  4. Wow, you are quite good at building anticipation/suspense...! Very cute hypothetical prizes you got there!

  5. I want all those things, especially that gold necklace. Your going to pick me right??!! haha j/k, but seriously pick me!

  6. need/love all of those. obviously entering the giveaway likeee now! I'm giving away some cute jewelry right now, too! gotts loveeee these jewels

    Come read about my Lovely Little Rants ♥

  7. You have very very very good taste, whoever wins Im pretty sure they will be very happy with what they get!* I specially love the black feather? necklace so cute! and the turqoise ring!
    following :D

  8. I love pretty much everything on that collage!Shame we don't have Forever 21 here in the UK...

  9. Love your collages!


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