Outfit Post B

Outfit details:
Ring, not pictured (Really need a tripod): Gifted
Scarf: Gifted (I'm blessed!)
Cardi: Ross (Have I mentioned I love that place!?)
Tank: Old Navy (Another fave!)
Boots: Old Navy (I pretty  much live in those boots!)
Necklace: Gifted (actually it used to be Lovey's when he was little ::::chuckles:::::)

So I think I have more fun working on my color scheme graphic than anything...Teehee! I'm thinking about hosting a color scheme challenge of sorts...basically I'd give a color scheme, then you'd work your outfit magic making skills to match it...It would be fantastical... Yes. I think so and agree. Let me know if you'd be interested...
Perhaps a cool kind of prize to match.. Yup. Yup.

Well hope your Monday is going wonderfully!

PS. Can you see my bongos on the bottom right corner??! You should get some. Bongos=Fun in a beatnik kind of way...


  1. <3 love this outfit purple & salmon are some of my favorite colors! & they both look super fab on you.

  2. YES YES I want to do the outfit color scheme challenge. :) I'm always up for a challenge.

    I love that cute scarf....looks perfect with purple.

  3. Cute outfit. I need a tripod too!

    Your color scheme idea sounds fantastic! I'd like to try, although I don't have a large variety of colors in my clothes. We'll see!

  4. got ur email, gonna respondo-mondo tomorrow but had to stop by for a peek tonight before bedtime tuck ins.

    the boyf is out with bromance time so i'm catching up around the comment world. finally! guilt free time in my computer nestage, where i can lookie-look at awesome outfits like THIS!!!! omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you come up with the best and most original ideas ever. can i please have a big piece of your mind-pie?

    i would be down for that, keep me posted...we don't wanna overload things ; )

    xoox ♥

    pea ess: just b/c i do have this extra time and it's SO freeing i also wanted to mention your luscious lips. yes, girls can say that to one another! anyway, yours are like coveted items and i actually one time way long ago had injections just to try and achieve the desired balance you naturally possess. i'm sure lovey agrees with me on this one too.

  5. I love this idea I would do it. So you need to balance your camera on a shelf or books and set it on a timer. It might help.


    I am still waiting for your lips in the mail.

    This sounds weird huh?LOL.


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