Oh Japan...

Japan. Japan. How my heart grieves for you....(PS. I found an organization to donate to! Wee!)

Last night we got an urgent phone call from Lovey's pappy (All of pappy-in-love's phone calls are "urgent" btw.) He was telling us to not go outdoors this weekend because of possible radiation and such..."Stay indoors!" "Wear long sleeve clothing!" "Radioactive rain!" "Stock up on potassium iodine!!!" He said that last line about 10 times. Now I'm not the sort of person to dismiss frantic antics. I'm taking into consideration what is being said on the news. But how can you really prepare for a nuclear meltdown and apocalyptic-like earthquakes? Seriously? I realize I live wayy to close to the San Andreas Fault and that Cali is wayy overdue for the "BIG ONE" (Can they think of calling it something more original?)... But what's a Jongleur to do? I do try to stock up on water and nonperishables... Lovey and I have an emergency meet up point...But what more can be done? Move out of state? Crawl in a hole? All this earthquake talk makes me nervous, no doubt (So I try to make light of it...)
And then I think back on Japan...And right now, my own worries take a backseat. I want to help. I'm going to help. You should help too! If you can. If you can't help financially...Help with prayer..Pray for rescue efforts..Pray for survivors...
I made this little image below... Use it if you'd like...
PS. If proportions are off, I apologize.. I made it in like 5 minutes :-| It's the thought that counts right?


  1. My friend's brother and his family live only 80km from the troubled reactors. Reiko has been trying to convince them to travel to her parents' outside of Tokyo all week, but they just wouldn't go. So scary!

    Lovely blog you have here, by the way. I found it featured on After Nine to Five today. Cheers!

  2. Everything that has been happening is so scary. We have a 72 hour kit but I have to update it. Basically it's a kit with food and supplies to last for 72 hours.

    Love the image hon.

  3. my heart goes out to japan as well, the whole situation is so devastating, and now with the awful toxic radiation, i am praying for everyone there

    xx http://madelineweber.blogspot.com/

  4. it is so scary J, you're right and so is lovey's pappy. the things we think about when times hit us this way are a bit too much but like you say, really and truly every prayer is powerful and also donating what you can for this mass effort.

    that's a lovely image you created, bless you sweetheart. ♥

  5. My husband (who is a bomb technician) says he doesn't believe that the radiation would reach us in the states.

    On the earthquake thing, I've been wanting to get an emergency kit together with water, food, flashlights, etc, but I always forget about it until I hear about an earthquake somewhere.


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