I want to live in a photobooth.

What is it about taking photobooth pictures that induces laughter and creates lifelong memories without fail? Maybe it's being in a confined space with one or more persons? Making funny faces? The fact a timer is involved? I. Just. Don't. Know. I remember all the photobooth pictures I've ever taken. I have some that are treasured possessions (some I took with my mom when I was 14 for example).. I have some I've tossed because they should be forgotten ((((The kind with ex-people from your past...Uh...awkward moment makers when you or your hubaloo find them...Weird!))) Anyway, here's a set that won't be tossed...Some I took a while back with my sissies, Nikola and T-Bear (not their actual names..although they should reconsider them..)...

I look sooo Asian. Dude!

In other exciting news... I found this thrift store where all the adult clothing is $2 per piece! WHAAAA??? You know where I'm going to be after work today, right? So happy! Who wants to come????!!

OH! PS. The blog buttons didn't work! Weep weep! Thanks Amy for bringing it to my attention! So...I shall repost soon.. Thanks...

Have a Happy Wednesday kiddos!


  1. cute photobooth photos! So fun to look back on memories.

    p.s. It may take me until tomorrow on the buttons but I will get them to you soon!

  2. Cute pics! And it's true - something magical about being in a photobooth! :)

  3. Photobooth Memories are my FAVORITE!

    I love your pics....y'all are cute. :)


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