The French Fry Game

The French Fry Game 
What You'll Need:
  • An order of large Fries
  • Your significant Other
  • Yourself

Object of the Game:
Try to figure out  which French Fry your love will eat next.

How to Win
Person with the highest number of correct guesses wins.

Okay, okay.... It's just a silly little game, but I've played it with Lovey (we are easily amused....for cereal) and I pride myself in the fact that I can guess (about 90% of the time) correctly. He opts for either the small, crispy kind or the super long kind.... And alternates between the two. His last resorts are the big, chubby fries . (I don't like those either...)

Isn't it cute (in a greasy, cholesterol building, heart attack inducing kind of way) how much I love Lovey? I know my hubaloo so well.... Makes me happy...And it's funny to watch him when I guess correctly every time. (Chuckles). Eyes      w    i    d    e    ....Look of disbelief....  

Oh Lovey....It's not rocket science..... It's love.... and french fries.

PS. Feliz Friday Beautypies! Have a fantastic weekend!  "See" you next week, Lordwilling!


  1. Am gonna try this with my hubby!!

    reminds me of when we try to make words out of the letters on license plates! the longest legit word wins!

  3. This is SO sweet. Isn't it fun to know and love someone so much?


  4. hahah this is awesome. such a great game to play. you and your hubby sound so so cute.

    So happy i found your blog. i am following :)

  5. FRIEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! oh my how i want to reach into the screen right now and grab the whole lot. way to pick a game off the hanging hooks of fun lades! must try with kasa. perhaps fries for dinner???? oh i wish! ♥

  6. Haha that is so funny. My husband likes to eat the really long ones, usually the ones that are whole. I like those too but I love the crunchy little bits, my husband thinks that they are "gross" Thats okay with me, more for me to eat! hah.

  7. I am so glad it's Friday!! I need some rest.

    That is such a cute game. I sometimes guess things like that with my husband, but I don't tell him :)

  8. this is cute. the only problem is i grab a handful of fries and shovel them in my mouth so my hubby would have a tough time guessing (or maybe it'd be too easy because i grab so many!) - hee hee.

  9. haha! fun and YUM!!
    i may have to try this this weekend! :)

  10. HOW CUTE. Love & French Fries....two of my most favorite things. :)

  11. hahahhahaa this is so cute :)

  12. hah aww this is so so cute, I can imagine you playing that!


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