First Outfit Post!

This is the shirt I was talking about on this post... Yeah.. Took me way too long to figure out I had it on wrong. Anyway... I've also included my color scheme, cause well... I don't know. I thought maybe if you liked the color combo and wanted to replicate, it'd be helpful...|||||shrugs|||| Pardon my lack of tripod...Maybe once I get one, I can do more outfit posts.. I don't know. Maybe.

Outfit details-----
Sweater: Thrifted
Jeans: Kohls ($12!)
B&W top: Ross (LOVE that place!)
Brown boots: Old Navy
Purse: Gifted
Turquoise Ring you can't see it in the pic: Gifted

Hope you're enjoying the remainder of this beautiful Sunday!


  1. cute, I love this outfit! Mustard yellow is also one of my fav colors:)

  2. happy sunday love! super terrifico outfit post - you crushed it lades. i hope you're feeling all better now and i'll be writing you back "proper" tomorrow. this weekend was a bit of a bust and i'll explain. i just didn't want to miss out on your goodness another moment and had to pop in for some time here. xox ♥

  3. I love the 'color scheme palette' you have there! I think the mustard yellow does go with the black + white design on your top.

    And yessss! I hope your find a tripod, because I love outfit posts :D

  4. I love mustard, too! I need a mustard cardigan so badly. And I love your color scheme graphic, very cute!

  5. Give me a cozy cardigan any day of the week! Love the color scheme as well :D

  6. this looks great. I love the colors and that the purse is thrifted

  7. LOVE! I can't believe that perfect mustard sweater was a thrift find - amazing! Love that purse too :)

  8. Sounds like we would be great shopping buddys! I love all of the above stores plus TJMaxx. Had to add that one!
    I love the sweater! And a cute top! So pretty.
    Great minds think alike because I posted an outfit today too.

  9. LOVE that color! I remember your post about how you thrifted that sweater. Awesome find! I need some more of that color in my life.

  10. Mustard yellow...and pea green are my favorite colors! I ♥ this sweater! Too cute :)


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