Featured Giveaway!

 Ok. OK. The beautiful Blythe didn't say any of the aforementioned...but she is giving away $100 Modcloth buckaroos on her blog...so mosey on over there and enter too...

PS. Special thanks to Blythe for letting me borrow her images...Is she cool or what?!

PPS. WOW! Blythe's giveaway puts mine to shame... Oh well...I'm still super excited about it..Sooo excited, in fact, that I'm going to provide one additional way to enter the "You're Gonna Have to Trust Me" Giveaway.  And no, it will not involve skywriting and or skydiving... So rest easy...But it will give you an opportunity to submit 2 additional entries...Wee!!!! Stay tuned!

PPPS. I am formally aghast at the fact that many of you have yet to experience the glory that is Emma.  For shame! It's a must-see! I suggest you log off of your Blogger account within the next 30 seconds and head over to Netflix and watch... I'm starting the countdown...30.....29...28....


  1. This is so cute! so clever and creative!

    also, i LOVE emma! I need to re-watch that; it's been too long....!


  2. That is a great giveaway! Holy smokes. Thanks for sharing darling! I hope your day is great:) & your giveaway is super awesome too<3

  3. oh! cute cute pictures, janette. YOU are so creative. Now going to check out that giveaway...even though I think yours is pretty darn awesome.

  4. Going to go check out that giveaway right now!

    I would go watch Emma, but my husband is here and I wouldn't make him watch that. He's not a chick flick kind of guy hehe.

  5. Ha ha I love your little speach bubbles! Thanks for the tip, I'm def gonna go over there and enter!

    xo Lisa

  6. this is rad!!!!!!! you are nothing if not a creative wizard with graphics and the perfect catch phrases. love the whole Blythe tribute. she is quite an awesome girl and hello modcloth giveaway. you better believe i entered it as well as your super secret surprise goodness. momma didn't raise no fool! ♥

    pea ess: J, your "cringe central" comment cracked me up, omg!!!!! xo


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