I'm a sucker for most of Jane Austen's books and inspired movies. Emma is probably one of my fave-ies! I was watching it the other day cause it was an Instant Watch on Netflix... (Why can't all movies be Instant???) Oh--
Before I go on....P.S. I'm not here to tell you what the movie is about...I just wanted to comment on some of the scenes....Cause they're awesomecakes as you shall see....Yup. That's all.

That was fun! Makes me want to go watch it again...Weee!
Have an Emmaish day guys (ie full of pretties and happy picnics)!


    I had no idea it was about the Jane Austen book. I'm going to go put it in my instant que right now!

  2. This is Melissa from Write it in lipstick I'm signed under my family email and I'm too lazy to sign out but I have to say I have never seen this movie nor have I read any Jane Austen books. I know people are foaming at the mouth right now. Once upon a time I wanted to read them but it never happen and I dont know if I will like them I love the costumes and Iove Gwen so maybe I'll love the movie and get motivated to read the book?

    Ok this is so long and I better get back to being a Mom, my boys can only take naps for so long.

    Peace out, oh I am having a giveaway on the blog today. Would love it if your could show my sponsor some love. Holla peace out. what what!

    Write it in Lipstick

  3. I've only seen the newer BBC version, which I love. And actually, Emma is the current book I am reading. :)

  4. okay i have never seen emma, and now i think i must watch. this looks like my dream come true. love!

  5. Ok - I laughed out LOUD when I read this because, although I barely remember this movie, it made me think you would be so fun to watch any movie with! This commentary is priceless!!

  6. i too love Jane Austin, I think Pride and Prejudice is my favorite (maybe because that's the only one I've read!). I too have Netflix and it would so awesome if they were all instant! We use Netflix instead of having Cable. I should watch Emma, I haven't seen it in a while.

  7. Ummm, I've never seen this movie. (embarrassed) Clicking into Netflix immediately to remedy this situation. Looks like beauty overload.

  8. haha...nice scenes..and that hairdo is really adorable!

  9. I've never seen this movie before! BUT i love all of the hair and costumes as well:) Also I love love LOOOOVE Gwyneth!! Have a lovely day<3

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  11. i have seen this, but not in ever so long. thanks for the reminder to pull a fast one on KASA and rearrange our next movie night to accommodate this very picture show! yah! Gwynnie always puts smiles on my face, i adore anything that girl does. have you seen her rock it all over Glee lately? she's just one of those astounding girls who sets the bar and then rises above it every time. sock knocker offer all the way! fab commentary too J; Toni Collette really was almost unrecognizable in that flick - wurd! ♥

    pea ess: it's the one time i feel sorta sucky about being a canadian...no giveaway entry for moi *tear*...but that's okay my love! i will cheer on whoever is the lucky to win, i know you'll choose amazingness for sure. xo

  12. I have been in love with this movie for so long & this post totally caught my attention. "Mother of all picnic spots". LOL Awesome.

  13. Ha, great commentary!
    Loving your blog :) x

  14. I love Emma as well. Jane Austen movies make me dream of lovely days where women dressed up to walk to town and rode in carriages to a ball every fortnight. If only...

    Also, all that green makes me want to plan a picnic of my own.



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