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 Hellosies friends! Hope you're having a premium and stellar week! Here's another installment of Cool/Not Cool... I wanted to add another subsection like, "Ultra-Blogblastic-Amazingly-Cool" for all you beautypies who left caramely-sweet comments these past few days. Gasp central! You guys are great! 

I also wanted to thank my Co-Post, Co-Host, Lynn. She’s was an obliging and dazzling blogpost partner. Her collage was awesomecakes, huh? And another BIG  thank you to my radiant blog guest, Nnenna. Awesome finds! I know I'm beelining for the sweater section on my next thrift trip. Thanks gals! And...well...without further ado…
Skyping late night with Valery.
Having a niece for a twin.
Ketchup on my pepper. Yes!
Stellarkellar skies after the rain...
Clients thanking us in donuts and thus "requiring" me to eat at least 3. (ie I have no will power)
Being so tired that you don't realize you're already wearing sunglasses and put on another pair on top.(Can you see Lovey in the reflection? He isn't surprised.)
Working. Working. Working.
Boba in my Iced Green Tea.


  1. I like your cools, especially the In-N-Out ketchup! I miss In-N-Out, we don't have any in this part of the planet. I've done the double glasses thing, even put my glasses on over my contacts. Ach! Thought I was certainly going blind.

  2. But the donuts LOOK cool!

    I've never been to In and Out. We don't have them here.

    And I've never tried Boba Tea.

  3. Yep, definitely have to disagree about the donuts...what is not cool about FREE DONUTS!!?!

    I'm liking this new feature!

  4. Haha. I think wearing two pairs of sunglasses should be in your cool section! Also, I have never even thought of putting pepper in ketchup.. Hmmm maybe next time I stray off my diet i'll eat In N Out fries with ketchup and pepper! bahahah. Don't you hate it when people buy you food and you feel like you have to eat it? Darned food pushers! bahaha.. ALSO I am getting a DSLR as soon as my tax return comes in. Still waiting on that! haha. I can't wait for the day I get it though<3 Have a lovely day!

  5. hahaha! I love this. Those peepers of yours were super protected, thanks to 2 awesomely stylish pairs of shades. Cut, paste, and add the double up sunnies to the cool column, mmmmkay?

    Why have I never skyped? I may be the last person left on earth. :(

  6. Awww, thank you Janette! I don't about donuts being in the uncool section though- I love donuts and I think if someone paid me in donuts I would be quite happy, haha ;)

  7. I am so jealous that you get to eat In and Out when ever you want to and the double glasses made me laugh. How tired are you.

    Write it in Lipstick

  8. awe love-dove, you are the best! thanks for the kind words, you rock. and holy twin double take! that is uncanny.

    ah yes, the donut/or other delectable sweets as pay-off. man, i just dread the valentines treat-fest. it's never ending and far too tempting for a candy lover like me. ohmygaaa, when i got to the double sunglass sitch i almost died. you are, um....slightly resembling Bono's the fly but with far more pretty lips! xox ♥

    pea ess: yes, the bracelet is a tattoo, it's so old now but i kinda like the way it looks airbrushed with time and major body scrubbing exfoliants. haha.

  9. I have never tried pepper on my ketchup, interesting!

    OH man, I would have a hard time resisting those donuts too, especially sprinkles!


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